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Applications for Viable Paradise 2014 (VP XVIII) will open on the 1st of January, 2014.

Viable Paradise: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop


Viable Paradise XVII will be held Sunday, October 13th, through Friday, October 18th, 2013, on Martha's Vineyard.

Viable Paradise XVIII will be held autumn 2014, dates TBD, on Martha's Vineyard.

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Viable Paradise is a unique one-week residential workshop in writing and selling commercial science fiction and fantasy. The workshop is intimate, intense, and features extensive time spent with best-selling and award-winning authors and professional editors currently working in the field. VP concentrates on the art of writing fiction people want to read, and this concentration is reflected in post-workshop professional sales by our alumni.

Viable Paradise encourages an informal and supportive workshop atmosphere. During the week, instructors and students interact in one-on-one conferences, group critiques, and lectures. The emphasis at first is on critiquing the students' submitted manuscripts; later, the emphasis shifts to new material produced during the week. Even when not actively engaged in teaching or critiquing, instructors often share meals and general conversation with the students.

The Viable Paradise experience is more than the workshop itself; it also includes the autumnal beauty of coastal New England and the unique island setting of Martha's Vineyard. Taken all together, they create a learning environment that's perfect for helping you reach your writing and publishing goals.

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The real benefit of any workshop, I think, is the opportunity to be among people (pro, semi-pro, raw beginner, whatever) who take seriously the things that are important to you as a writer. If you spend ten minutes late one night after too many margaritas expounding on how the impact of a peer’s paragraph turns on /one word/, everyone may think that you’re drunk, but no one will think that you’re talking about something that doesn’t matter.

Resident workshops (the various Clarions, VP and others) give you time to take yourself seriously as a writer. The other stuff–the teachers, the actual work done–is important, but it’s that sense of being away from your normal life and privileged to really focus on writing, that is paramount.

-- Madeleine Robins

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