The Buzz

"So," you ask, "do your books suck, or not?"

"Not," I say, but you, displaying the debating skills of a Daniel Webster, demand that I prove it. And, you cannily add, I may not quote my mother or any member of my family. (Not that my mother isn't a brilliant judge of fine fiction or anything ... but I'm willing to admit her partiality in this instance.) So I suggest we take it to the people who matter -- other readers. Below, I have amassed some of the many nice comments people have directed my way. Nasty comments, needless to say, have been omitted.

  • I hope you'll find the time to put out a few more [Fanuilh books]. There are more than a few of us here in Redmond that like the series!!!

    Jack Love

  • I thought that I would send you a note that says "I really enjoy your novels" and "good job." I love how you have combined fantasy with mystery.

    Jen Edwards

  • To tell the truth, when I first spotted "Beggar's Banquet" at the, I was reluctant to order it, and in the end the only reason I bought it was that it had a dragon on the cover. ... So I will tell you what happens if you buy books because you like the cover: They become some of your favourites ! :-)

    Mark Schneider

  • Wonderful books with characters about whom I want to know "what happens next."

    Ruth Bitz

  • I really, greatly and truly enjoy the Liam Rhenford series that you have published. They are without a doubt the best books I have ever read. ... Thank you for such wonderful stories. Please show this letter to the people at Ace! It's all true!
    P.S. Dan Hood DIDN'T pay me to write this letter!

    Dan Rudisill

  • It's not that I believed a legitimate honest-to-gosh whodunnit puzzler murder mystery COULDN'T be done in a full-fledged fantasy realm (after all, Randall Garrett came close with his Lord Darcy tales). I just didn't think it WOULD be done. Or at least not well. Daniel Hood has created a series of novels that are both wonderful fantasy and terrific mysteries, complete with first-rate characters. I can't overstate how impressed I am! More more more please!

    Stephen A. Glaser

  • I loved ["Fanuilh"] and encourage readers to read it! ... Definately ranks up there as one of the top ten list in the science-fiction and fantasy genre. AAAA+++++! 5 stars.

    -- MaddMann 26 (Jon Lee)

  • Think of a pre-wheelchair Perry Mason in a world where swords and sorcery are the order of the day. Hood just keeps getting better.

    -- Charles West

  • [Scales of Justice] is quite enjoyable, as much for the interplay between the hero and his dragon, and the details of the world, as for the main plot and surrounding mysteries. In fact, the mysteries and conspiracies are no more than competent, but the solidity of the main characters, as well as the supporting cast, makes the book, and the series worthwhile.

    -- David Brukman (in a review on his site.)

  • The combination of the "murder mystery" genre and the fantasy genre make [Fanuilh] very appealing to a wide variety of people, in my opinion. I found it to be very engrossing and a very easy read. If you like detective novels AND you like "sword and sorcery" as well, you should like this. It's got the best of both!

    -- A reader from Chattanooga (on

  • "I have greatly enjoyed your series... Thanks for your very entertaining books."

    -- Henry D. Crockett, Ph.D.

  • "I wish you the enjoyment of Penn's, and will raise a glass of stout at my favored tavern to your excellent writing and the enjoyment it's given me."

    -- Erik Peterson

  • "Keep up the great work on your books. I really enjoy them. Even got my mom (72) who reads mystery novels to read and even (enjoy) them. Look forward to seeing new stuff on the shelf. Keep it up."

    -- Rebecca Terry

  • "YO, I love your work. I just read all of your books, and suprise, suprise, I was delighted. Now, I gotta get me that scales o' justice book, since Beggar's Banquet was all that ( and a bag of chips ).... Keep up the good work, sir."

    -- Chris (Taruc)

  • "Let me begin by saying that I really enjoy your work (and that's quite a compliment, since I'm usually not a fan of the SF/F genre).... Keep up the good work; I look forward to reading more by you in the future."

    -- Melanie M. Manning

  • "Thank you for picking up a pen and writing such good stories.... Your style of fiction has the additional appeal of not being about "the lone hero out to save his race/country/world/reality from an evil primal force/powerful evil wizard/ill fate" that we so much see."

    -- James Estrada

  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed Fanuilh, Beggar's Banquet and Scales of Justice.... IMHO, this series rates up there with many of the Nero Wolfe, Ngaio Marsh and Erle Stanley Gardner books I have read, both in plot development and suspense quality."

    -- Wayne Zieschang

  • " I am a big fan of your Liam series. "A Familiar Dragon" is my favorite book."

    -- Stephen Cumberworth

  • "Just a quick fan note to say how much I appreciate you taking the trouble to write good fantasy mysteries.... I love the coffee sniffing; I feel the same way!"

    -- Joyce Ronquillo

    You may notice the liberal use of ellipses -- this is in no way an effort at censorship; I was just trying to get everything to fit in a reasonable space, and took the liberty of excising the many reasonable questions and pertinent (but non-flattering) comments. (By the way, if you don't want to be on this list, and I've included you, e-mail me and I'll remove the offending material.)

    Also, this list should not be considered complete -- oh no, not by a long shot. There's a lot more, just waiting to be posted... and some of them I didn't even pay for!