The Quiz of Fives

Well, all the excitement is over: RUTH BITZ was chosen from among the correct respondees to the Quiz of Fives to be declared the Official Winner, a title she is legally able to put on her resume and brag about ad nauseum to friends and family.

But let us not forget the other finalists -- those careful readers whose knowledge of Taralon and Southwark surpassed, in some cases, even my own. They were able to successfully name five gods in the Taralonian pantheon, five cities Liam Rhenford has mentioned, five inns, taverns or brothels in the Southern Tier, and five officials of the Duchy of the Southern Tier.

They are:

  • Jayla Daine
  • Mark Schneider
  • Dennis Caro
  • Shane Wilson
  • Mike Leatham
  • Michael Gill
  • Irena Kuo
  • Kris Wilbert

    I salute them all -- and invite them, as well as you, to come back in August when I will be starting up another contest. This one will be more along the creative line, and allow you (with any luck) to leave your own imprint on Liam's world... .