Name: Emma Steele

Avatar Attributes:
Aware 5
Insight 5
Presence 5
Willpower 7

Vessel Attributes:
Dexterity 6
Fortitude 6
Strength 4

Conjure (just the thing for producing those amazing spy gadgets)
Dominate (Mastery)
Translocate (for getting in and out of tight places)

Glamours (Mastery)
Ferretters (Mastery)

Awareness Skills
Mending +0
Perception +2
Sensitivity +1

Insight Skills:
Deduction +2
History +0
Occultism +1

Presense Skills:
Banish +0
Bind +0
Charm +3
Evoke +2
Intimidate +2
Mask +7

Dexterity Skills:
Attack +4
Defend +5
Stealth +5


Focus Skills
Codes / Cryptography

Vitality: 14
Karma: 5

Description: Tall, slender but not skinny, with long brown hair, and dressed in a tight-fitting leather cat-suit: that's Emma Steele.

Domain: Her Domain is a mod-60's London, where famous landmarks stand side-by-side with faceless, mirror-windowed office buildings that house the Intelligence services. The streets are crowded with bright colors, London bobbies and double-decker red buses.

Emma's own lodgings are in a fashionable apartment block, where she occupies

Prelude: Emma Stavrosky was a code clerk in the British Intelligence service. It was a job that was mostly devoted to filing, indexing, retrieving, and more filing. It was boring, and she secretly fantasized about being a secret agent, like the one that the British author Ian Fleming was writing about. But then British television began broadcasting a new TV series called "The Avengers". At first, Emma was taken by the suave, debonaire character of John Steed, but when the character of Emma Peele was introduced, Emma Stavrosky knew without a doubt that she wanted to be just like her.

But it wasn't to be. Emma was not secret agent material. She was politely rebuffed when she asked for transfer to the active section. But when a Stalker discovered her unknown talent for Stalking, she became in truth what she secretly wanted to be; Emma Steele, secret agent!

History: At GenCon 1998, I played in a Whispering Vault demo game, where I got to create my own character. Now, remember that a major part of the beginning of the game is what is called "the Summons". Now, 1998 is the year that the "Avengers" movie came out, and in the original series, there was the summons "Mrs. Peele, we're needed." Thus, Emma Steele was born.

Copyright © 1998 Terry O'Brien {dragonmage@sprynet}