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  Five-Volume Darkfire Anthology Series
Volume I:  Between the Darkness and the Fire
Volume II:  The Age of Reason
Volume III:  The Age of Wonders
Volume IV:  Bones of the World
Volume V:  Beyond the Last Star (available now!)


Praise for the Darkfire series:

"A stunning collection of inventive, well-written science fiction stories
awaits you in this finely edited, attractively bound collection." -- Jack Crane

I was impressed with the quality offered here and especially with
the scope of imagination the stories evidenced. Overall I rate this as
a top-notch collection and well-worth buying. -- David L. Felts


Cover Art
Between the Darkness
and the Fire
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Volume I: Between the Darkness and the Fire

Twenty-three Tales of Imaginative Fiction from the Internet, Edited by Jeffry Dwight
    Table of Contents
    "The Proper Study of Man" by Bruce Holland Rogers
    "Ebb Tide" by Mary Soon Lee
    "Lady Bugged" by Josh Langston
    "Elfleda" by Vonda N. McIntyre
    "The Dog-Faced Boy and the Amazing Winged Man" by Tippi N. Blevins
    "The Secret Life of Henry Peck" by Michael Chesley Johnson
    "Away He Run" by Camille Allen LaGuire
    "The Queen of Mars" by Deborah Coates
    "The Little Prune That Couldn't Talk" by James D. Macdonald
    "This Is Your 'Life'" by Chuck Rothman
    "Not Worth Fixing" by Brian Plante
    "Polarity" by Juliann Medina
    "Princess Alexandra" by Alan Rodgers
    "Rift" by Kurt Roth
    "Suffer the Children" by Keith Scott
    "Faith" by Sherwood Smith
    "The Sidekick" by Lawrence Watt-Evans
    "Keeping It Together" by Tim Waggoner
    "Dogs, Stick People, Deer" by M. Shayne Bell
    "Dinosaur Weather" by Dona Vaughn
    "The Boys from Bethlehem" by Denise Lee and Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. (novelette)
    "Dying He Dreams, Dreaming He Dies" by Jeffry Dwight (novelette)
    "I Am Large, I Contain Multitudes" by Melisa Michaels
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