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  Five-Volume Darkfire Anthology Series
Volume I:  Between the Darkness and the Fire
Volume II:  The Age of Reason
Volume III:  The Age of Wonders
Volume IV:  Bones of the World
Volume V:  Beyond the Last Star (available now!)


Praise for the Darkfire series:

"A stunning collection of inventive, well-written science fiction stories
awaits you in this finely edited, attractively bound collection." -- Jack Crane

I was impressed with the quality offered here and especially with
the scope of imagination the stories evidenced. Overall I rate this as
a top-notch collection and well-worth buying. -- David L. Felts


Cover Art
Beyond the Last Star
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Volume V: Beyond the Last Star

Stories from the Next Beginning, Edited by Sherwood Smith
Available NOW!
    Table of Contents
    Introduction, by Sherwood Smith
    "False Vacuum," by Gregory Feeley
    "Strawberry Fields," by Ilsa J. Bick
    "D’Une Étoile Éloignée," by Beth Bernobich
    "The End of the Dance, the Beginning," by Richard Parks
    "Hierarchy of Need," by Jennifer Busick
    "Impossible Odds," by Linda J. Dunn
    "The Diagnostic Feast," by William Shunn
    "The Wolf God," by Paul Bates
    "Interim Discussions," by Christopher Rowe
    "The Court of High Renown," by Cherith Baldry
    "Ode to a Bod," by Andrew Burt
    "How the God of Fire-and-Rain Came to Be," by Robert E. Rogoff
    "Flow," by Lawrence C. Connolly
    "Out of Memory," by Brian Springer
    "The Malcontent," by Stephen Eley
    "Transitory," by Brian Plante
    "Spiral Horn, Spiral Tusk," by Leigh Kimmel
    "Circle of Life," by Lisa Silverthorne
    "Written on the Wind," by David D. Levine
    "Faces at the End of Time," by Vera Nazarian
    "Rite of Passage," by Lawrence Fitzgerald
    "That Kem May In Safe Pastures Feed," by Susan J. Kroupa
    "Star Scent," by Justin Stanchfield
    "A Conglomeration of Bees," by Kiel Stuart
    "The Passing of Guests," by Jay Lake


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