Past John W. Campbell Award For Best New Writer Winners

1973-- Jerry Pournelle

1974--(tie) Spider Robinson and Lisa Tuttle

1975--P.J. Plauger

1976--Tom Reamy

1977--C.J. Cherryh

1978--Orson Scott Card

1979--Stephen R. Donaldson

1980--Barry B. Longyear

1981--Somtow Sucharitkul

1982-- Alexis Gilliland

1983--Paul O. Williams

1984--R.A. MacAvoy

1985--Lucius Shepard

1986--Melissa Scott

1987--Karen Joy Fowler 

1988--Judith Moffett

1989--Michaela Roessner

1990--Kristine Kathryn Rusch

1991--Julia Ecklar

1992--Ted Chiang

1993--Laura Resnick

1994--Amy Thomson

1995--Jeff Noon

1996--David Feintuch

1997--Michael A. Burstein

1998--Mary Doria Russell

1999--Nalo Hopkinson

2000--Cory Doctorow

2001-- Kristine Smith

2002-- Jo Walton

2003-- Wen Spencer

2004-- Jay Lake

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