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Skiffy's waiting to hear from you! The best way to contact us is by sending email to support@sff.net
or you may use our secure Feedback web form.

If you're having a technical issue, you may want to refer first to the Online Help, next check the System Announcements newsgroup to see if there are any current system notices or service outages, and then ask a question in one of these SFF Newsgroups:

Email abuse complaints and spam reports should be forwarded to abuse@sff.net

SnailMail and payments may be sent to this street address:

    SFF Net
    c/o Greyware Automation Products, Inc.
    308 Oriole Ct
    Murphy, TX 75094

Absent an emergency, please call only during Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central Time.

    972-867-2794 voice
    972-208-1479 fax


SFF Net Staff
  • General Help, the help hotline for any questions
  • Jeffry Dwight, owner and operator
  • Steve Ratzlaff, the guy who fixes whatever Jeffry breaks

What the heck do these people do? Learn more about SFF Net and its staff here.


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