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Editor/Publisher: Raymond Cuttill

Genre: Children's, Historical, Horror, Mainstream, Media, Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Nonfiction, 


cyberManbooks is unique in the world of e-publishing. The first publisher to produce distinctively ‘man-friendly books,’ cyberManbooks targets a primarily male audience with new books, as well as classics. As well as being the world’s first true men’s publisher, we have books by both men and women, and current works include scifi, humor, romance, mainstream fiction, short story collections, poetry and political commentary

Unlike other publishers that provide little or no help for new writers, choosing instead to promote and assist proven authors, cyberMan encourages and helps new writers from the time their work is accepted for publication. Authors learn to promote their work, both online and off. This new concept in publishing will connect authors worldwide to assist each other in their promotional efforts, and give readers free access to contact cyberMan authors.

In addition to providing quality e-books, cyberManbooks.com will give websurfers access to a variety of online information for writers and readers, including research resources and learning tools.

Updated on: 05/23/02


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