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Spent Angel Press


Editor/Publisher: Sonya McDowell

Genre:  Poetry, Nonfiction


We are an online Poetry and art ezine focusing on post-beat style poetry. We are always accepting submission for our ezine. We also publish ebooks of poetry by invitation. Also, we offer writers tips on getting published and numerous writer resources.

Currently at Spent Angel Press:

Spent Angel Press currently features the following chapbooks by the underground poet RC Edrington. Reviewers have labeled Edrington's style as "post-modern beat poetry with traces of Charles Bukowski". Edrington shuns the world of academia to write first person narratives from the gut.

Nicotine Dreams--Edrington ponders love and relationships (in his trademark style and vivid imagery) between cigarettes and cheap whiskey.

Whiskey Coma Blues--A re-print of RC Edrington's first chapbook release by Implosion Press. Contains the underground classic, "Death of the New Romantics," and other poems.

Lipstick Bruise--A collection of shorter poems by Edrington. Sometimes touching, sometimes threatening to rape the page into life...this is Edrington at his best.

Spent Angel Blues--The selected poems of RC Edrington over the last 5 years.

Available only in print form. A must read.

"At 29, my friends are dead,
jailed, strung-out, or
trapped in between
the cynical styrofoam walls
of mental institution
like freshly hooked trout
in an ice chest waiting

to be gutted..."

From "Spent Angel Blues" by RC Edrington


These are available as downloadable ebooks for $2, print copies $5


Updated on: 08/21/02


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