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Alexandria Digital Literature

Alexandria Digital Literature


Editor/Publisher: Kathy Ice

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Poetry, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction


Alexandria Digital Literature features previously published fiction of all lengths (poetry, short stories, novellas, novels). Much of what we offer is out of print and available nowhere else.

List of Publications

Title Author Description
Suicidal Tendencies  Dave Smeds Science Fiction. In a society where no death is permanent, how serious can a person be about suicide?
Quinn's Deal 


L. Timmel Duchamp Science Fiction. In a harsh dystopian future, all but the elite must rely on a series of cutthroat "deals" to survive. Quinn's latest deal put some much-needed cash in his pocket--but did his benefactor tell him the whole truth about the bargain?
The Saucer Man  Jeff Hecht Science Fiction. He was a scam artist, spinning tales of flying saucers and peaceful aliens for anyone who would pay his speaking fee. A lousy way to make a living--but it wasn't as if anyone could disprove his story . . .

Jonny Punkinhead       



Amy Sterling Casil

Science Fiction.  A merciless disease strikes children, gifting them with extra eyes, fish-scales and sometimes silvery fur--and you are the doctor whose job it is to give them hope and help them grow up in a world that holds precious little kindness. 

Esaux's Dilemma 

Joe Murphy

Science Fiction.  When the issue is survival, what can you do with someone you no longer trust? 

The Starry King             



Vera Nazarian

Fantasy.  Where do you find the Starry King? Search in a graveyard under a full moon, when the star-flower blooms . . .but find the Starry King, and you might regret it.

The Stirge                   



Leigh Kimmel

Fantasy.  Raised as a follower of the Book of Birth, Liphrel learned to despise those in the service of the Dark Lord and their monstrous familiars. Then he was transformed into one of the monsters himself... 

One Day I'm Gonna Give Up the Blues for Good    

Ursula Pflug

Science Fiction.  All this time you think it's you that wants the drugs, when really it's the drugs that want you.

The Dead of Winter  

James A. Hartley Horror.  Something worse than the bitter cold stalks the winter streets of Moscow.

Side by Side      

Brad Jeske Horror.  In some marriages, "Til death do us part" means very little.

Dead Eye                      


Amy Grech Horror.  Billy's father taught him to shoot straight, and Billy couldn't wait to prove just how good the lesson was learned.

The Men with the Power 

T. Rex

Science Fiction.  A hundred-year-old diplomat emerges from retirement and applies his peculiar brand of diplomacy to keep the world from falling into chaos.

Open Mike     

Eliot Fintushel

Science Fiction.  Yeah, the guy was funny, but there was something weird about his stand-up act. Almost as if he thought that outer-space stuff was real . . .

The Blondfire Genome 

Sean McMullen Science Fiction.  Teenagers were among the first to learn to hack into computer networks, but genetic hacking requires a very special type of teenager.

Option: Everest 

Barbara Davies

Science Fiction.  David's ascent of Everest was in virtual reality--but the dangers he faced were all too real.

Updated on: 01/10/01


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