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Apocalypse Fiction Magazine



Editor/Publisher: Scott C. Carr

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Western


Apocalypse Fiction is a bi-monthly e-magazine focusing on series science fiction set primarily in the "post-apocalyptic" genre. Though we will occasionally publish single stories and novellas, 90% of the work we accept will be in the form of continuing series.

"Post-apocalyptic Fiction" - The simple definition is that "post-apocalyptic" fiction is any fiction set in the time period directly following some sort of world cataclysm. Most readers will call to mind the barren wastes and deserted highways of the "Mad Max" series of films or Harlan Ellison's "A Boy and His Dog." Harsh worlds of intense heat and crumbling cities- Great wastes and brutal struggles- desperate survivors and mercilous mutations.

But what of Stephen King's "The Stand?" Here we find a world destroyed by disease. A world in which the buildings are left standing and where (among the survivors) faith and spirituality reach unprecedented heights. Or Patricia Anthony's wonderfully original "Happy Policeman," a novel in which one small Texas town survives (for the most part) intact, protected in a bubble of alien construction from the nuclear devastation of the rest of the world... There are many types apocalypse other than nuclear. What of social apocalypse? Spiritual apocalypse?

We are certainly looking for classic "atomic" post-apocalyptic fiction- but a large part of what AF wants to accomplish is to push this genre to its limits. We challenge our writers to explore and chart new regions and new forms of apocalypse and the empty world.

Perhaps John Varley best sums up the appeal of the genre:

"We all love after-the-bomb stories. If we didn't, why would there be so many of them? There's something attractive about all those people being gone, about wandering in a depopulated world, scrounging cans of Campbell's pork and beans, defending one's family from marauders. Sure it's horrible, sure we weep for all those dead people. But some secret part of us thinks it would be good to survive, to start over.

Secretly, we know we'll survive. All those other folks will die. That's what after-the-bomb stories are all about."

We are looking for short stories, novellas, comic book series, Flash animations, and artwork. Also of interest are our Flash Fiction and Poetry contests.

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Updated on: 04/07/01


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