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Speculations: For Writers Who Want To Be Read

Editor/Publisher: Kent Brewster

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Non-Fiction


Speculations is a bimonthly digest for writers who want to break into or increase their presence within the science fiction, fantasy, horror, or "other" speculative fiction subgenre.

Now in its sixth year of publication, Speculations has been nominated for the World Science Fiction Society's Hugo Award, under the Best Semi-Professional Magazine category, every year since 1996.

Published in PDF and plain text versions, Speculations may be read onscreen in the text-only version or printed from any of four different PDF layouts.

Each 64-page issue contains two huge market report sections, interviews with editors, columns by experts like Mike Resnick, Bruce Holland Rogers, and G. David Nordley, and issue-wide themes such as writers' workshops, critique, agents, and other important items.

Best of all, each issue of Speculations contains Good News From The Ego Shelf, in which the readers list their recent sales and appearances. Fifty to a hundred sales are generally listed in each issue; why not make yours one of them?

Speculations isn't just an every-other-month occurrence, however. On the even-numbered months we e-mail out the market reports again, so all subscribers get approximately 10,000 words of market information every month. And if that's not enough, Speculations also sponsors The Rumor Mill, our industry's best-kept secret for networking in the genre.

If you'd like to have a taste of what Speculations is all about--free, always, for everyone--please visit the Speculations site on the World Wide Web, at http://www.speculations.com .


Table of Contents
Issue 39, February 2001

From the Editor  Susan Fry

My first ego search.


Meet the Editor: Raechel Moon Henderson J.G. Stinson

I do know that both your socks should match.


Staying Alive: Writing With Children In The House Bruce Holland Rogers

"Mommy! Mommy! I can't stop running in circles!"

"Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor!"


Science Q&A  G. David Nordley

Finally the answer to Cosby's Conundrum: why is there air?


The Market Maven Cynthia Ward

Ups and downs at Galaxyonline.com.


Market Reports and Response Times Randy Dannenfelser

Prozines, semiprozines, e-zines, and anthologies, with response times.


Meet the Author: Mary Doria Russell John Savage, Esq.

It is too science fiction, goddammit!


Meet the Editor: Patrick Swenson Susan Fry

We've broken all our taboos at one point.


Meet the Editor: Dave Truesdale Bruce Holland Rogers

So you like fat fantasy novels?


Nuts & Bolts Kent Brewster

Our sixth anniversary, and Good News From The Ego Shelf


Updated on: 02/13/01


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