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Twilight Showcase


Editor/Publisher:Gary W. Conner

Genre: Horror, Speculative Fiction, Non-Fiction


Twilight Showcase is a monthly magazine dedicated to the horror genre. We feature three to four original works of fiction per month, written by the genre's rising stars and by newcomers to the field. Stories are usually illustrated, and we feature a piece of "cover" art each month. We also feature new film and book reviews each month, with lots of archived material as well. We also feature monthly columns on topics of interest to horror fans, as well as interviews with some of the top names in the field-- this material is normally archived after it's initial run. Finally, we feature a news page that offers brief insight into news happening within the genre, with links on where to find out more.

Table of Contents, Twilight Showcase #26


"Together Forever" by Mark West

"Darlin' Debbie" by Ward Parker

"The Dead Room" by Paul Tremblay



"Folk Fears: Man's Best Friend?! Demon Dogs" by William P. Simmons

"Notes on the State of Horror: An Allegory" by Kristopher Monroe

"House of 1,000 Cowards" by Brett A. Savory



"Not Exactly Neighborly: A Review of THE 4TH FLOOR" by R. David Fulcher

"Whatever Gets You Through the Night: A Review of Louis Maistros' THE BIG PUNCH" by Ray Wallace

"A Review of FINAL DESTINATION" by Michael Chant

"A Review of THE CELL on DVD" by Cristopher Hennessey-DeRose

"A Terrible Beauty: A Review of the New Line Platinum Series Release, SE7EN" by Cristopher Hennessey- DeRose

"A Review of NEW GENRE" by Kristopher Monroe



"Speaking With a Murderer: A Conversation With Barry Hoffman" by William P. Simmons 

Cover Art and Interior Illustrations by James L. Hartley

Updated on: 03/28/01


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