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Valhalla Science Fiction and Fantasy


Editor/Publisher: Lem Shecky

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction


Valhalla Science Fiction and Fantasy is an e-zine devoted to bringing the genre back to the masses of fandom. At Valhalla, we're fans of sci-fi and fantasy, but we also like to have a good time. Send us the stories you wrote, the art you live and anything else you might think will entertain us. But mostly, just come to hang with us for awhile. At Valhalla, you're not just a spectator, you're a participant.

Table of Contents

Current News and Gossip

The news you need to know. Unfiltered, uncensored and sometimes undead.

Mars - Just Do It

Commentary by Dan McNeill


by Dan McNeill

A story for Bulls fans with an unhealthy imagination.

Grandpa Teaches the Kids About Cavemen

by Ron Sanderson

Oh the twins, aren't they cute... Wait a second, how in the hell did they do


Gene Therapy

by Ken Harbert

Aren't you happy they mapped the human genome?

Go Comet Go

by T. Geisel

A Voices From the Hall of the Dead feature!

A Playboy Celebrity Interview With President John Wayne

by Dr. Daryl Plotke

Check out this interview, Daryl swiped out of an old Playboy, while he and

Jim were in a world where the Duke became prez back in 1969!


by Tom Palmer

A fantastical tale about a man who lives in a reality quite unlike our own.

No More Tears

by Kevin Morton

A journey into a man's heart.


Updated on: 02/06/02


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