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Please note:

If you have come here via the Writer's Digest article 'Top 30 Short Story Markets' this is not the Alternate Realities site, but rather a link to it.  Estand is a site that helps epublisher of both short fiction and novels to reach the public.

You will find the link to Alternate Realities actual web site below.  Go take a look.  It's a great site!

Lazette Gifford, Webmaster SFF.NET's Estand

Alternate Realities Webzine


Editor/Publisher: Joan M. McCarty, Senior Editor/Publisher

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mainstream, Media, Mystery, Poetry, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Non-Fiction


Alternate Realities Webzine is for both Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Thriller/intrigues/mystery aspiring and established authors as well as readers of this genre. We feature Short and long fiction in these genres, as well as genre art and poetry. We also feature genre book and movie reviews, press releases, and an extensive list of markets and resources for authors, as well as live real time chats on a variety of subjects from author interviews (some of our past guests include: Anne MccAffrey, R.A. Salvatore, Harry Turtledove and Tom Piccirilli) to how to methods on writing and researching.

Updated on: 05/21/03


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