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Editor/Publisher: Megan Powell

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Poetry, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Non-Fiction


Fables is a quarterly, semi-professional webzine publishing speculative fiction, folktales, poetry, artwork, audio recordings and reviews.


Table of Contents, Spring Issue


"Snip, Fidget, Boggle and Greeb," Gary Battershell: 

"The chalk pentagram was laid out precisely on the basement floor, and an oil lamp flickered and smoked at the apex of each of the five points. In the center with great care I had duplicated in yellow chalked the mystic runes which stood out in bas relief on the bronze amulet hung around my neck."

"The Blade of Gudrin," James S. Dorr: 

"She looked around her, frantically hoping to find some escape, but the street she stood in was walled on both sides and, unlike the bazaar of the night before, its gates were shut to her. Besides, she realized, the man did look friendly. What choice did she have but to give him her trust?"

"White Flame of Ealga," by David Murphy: 

"Gronaun sat on the southern shore, rubbing a stick furiously between his palms. Friction of wood on stone ignited leafy twigs beneath his pot. He made his discovery then. Not fire, mushrooms."

"Andevery," W. Gregory Stewart: 

"Professor Shad Lesenweiter lay on his back, and he lay still. He lay very, very still."

"In His Own Image," John B. Rosenman: 

"The bishop adjusted his collar and gazed out from the platform at the thousands who packed the plaza in front of the Capitol Building. "A dog for chief executive--and a female at that. Who would ever have thought it possible?"

"A Song of Sixpence," H. Turnip Smith: 

"Sing a song of sixpence pockets full of rye," the children chanted."

"The World As It Was Back Then," David Bowlin: 

"Blue Jim Davis was a man to be reckoned with, to be sure. He was a quiet fellow, and he kept pretty much to himself. This quiet nature was very misleading though, as most of his enemies found out, usually a little too late."


"Alizarin Red S and Alcian Blue," W. Gregory Stewart

"The Axe Handle Replies to the Trees" and "The Golden Goose," Stephen Paling

"The Crusader," Matt Bahntge

"Wolves Don't Lie," Judith Tracy

"Sorceress of the Dawn," Bobbi Sinha-Morey


"Rune," "Flidais, Lady of the Forest," "Garden" and "Undead Awakening" by Calvin W. Camp


Updated on: 04/07/01


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