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Editor/Publisher: blue

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Science Fiction


Western Yaoi? Fantasy with M/M context? There is not enough out there to make us happy - I don't have to tell you how hard it is to find a good story that leaves you breathless. And waiting 10 more years for the next Kushner novel only to get handed another ending like the last one...

Sorry, but it's high time we take things into our own capable hands.

MAS-Z gives you: More devious twists.

More suffering of the delectable male hero.

More romance. And drama, heartache, rage, misery, agony and dungeons to make it real. Characters taken to physical and emotional extremes. Illustrations.

MAS-Zine Press is publishing M/M romance. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Yaoi and original slash. Unconventional stories that deal with controversial topics.

We believe that the ingredients which make a good story for MAS-Zine are the same ingredients which make any good literature:

Thoughtful themes. Creative characterization. Skillful style. And plots that make your heart pound so hard that you'll need to splash cold water on yourself afterwards.


editor MAS-Z


Updated on: 03/10/03


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