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Twilight Times


Editor/Publisher: Lida E. Quillen

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction


An award-winning digital journal of speculative fiction, poetry and artwork.

Table of Contents



Our featured authors for the January 2002 issue of Twilight Times:

Karl W. Bokelmann
"Crossed Paths" -- DF [** PG-13 ] (41k)

Latricia Lacey-Lane
"Angel Eyes" -- DF (25k)

W. B. Vogel III
"Velocities of Night" -- H (16k)

Margaret Williams
"When the Soul Surrenders" -- F (15k)

Chris Bauer
"Not a Cure" -- SF (15k)

Short Fiction

Jess Butcher
"Remnants" -- DF (10k)

Christian R. Bonawandt
"The Trap" -- F (13k)

Paul Melniczek
"Hedge of Discontent" -- Magic Realism (7k)


Our featured artists are

Fantasy and graphic artist William Li
"Angel of War" (62k)
"Temple in the Clouds (106k)

Fantasy artist Tasha Kotraseva
Hades (67k)
Loki (31k)

Fantasy and graphic artist Nicholas Anderson
"Dr. Yueh" (77k)
"Mountain Citadel" (172k)

Fantasy and graphic artist Glenn Kristoffersen
"Marines" (198k)

Fantasy artist Santiago Iborra
"Fight" (63k)


Our featured poets:

Michael Fantina
"Beyond The Great Salt Sea"

Poet Annette Marie Hyder
"Loki Confesses"
"Tears of the Moon"

Poet Terry Lowenstein
"The Winter Cold"

Poet Ann K. Schwader
"For All the Starlost"

Poet Karen A. Romanko

Margaret Williams
"My Lady Tyranni"

Poet Chad Hensley
"In the small hours"


Author Interview with Mark Misercola

Author Interview with Ardy M. Scott

Author Interview with Patrick Welch

"Homesite Improvement" by Tee Morris
"SF/F and Epublishing: An Out-of-this-World Match" by Karen Wiesner


Coming Feb. 2002: Reflections of a Recovering Servant by Steve Lazarowitz.
The Thirteenth Magician, epic fantasy by Patrick Welch. Eyes of Truth by Linda Suzane.

Updated on: 01/20/02


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