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Whistling Shade


Editor/Publisher: Joel Van Valin

Genre: Mainstream, Poetry, Nonfiction


Whistling Shade is a literary print journal & web 'zine published in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area. We publish mainstream fiction, poetry, essays, book reviews and cartoons. We tend to accept stories that are well told rather than progressive, and poetry that is lyrical in character.

Contents - Summer 2002


Memo to Saint Peter by Mic Hunter -  Marketing strategies of the saints.


High Stakes by Jeff Strand - 
Jeremy learns the dangers of gambling. The hard way.

Purple by Shawn P. Madison - 
A barroom curiosity on a seedy, backwater planet, Cameron Hayes is the living result of science gone horribly awry.

Optical Orifice of the Beholder by K.G. McAbee - 
On his first visit to a planet from the mother ship, Lieutenant Storrs had no idea he would be dealing with mathematically-inclined aliens. Or what would happen when he interrupted their game.

Snakestail by Colleen Drippé - 
As a warden, Snakestail protected the land against poachers. Now he himself is breaking the law, to save a child left for sacrificial death by the Peyote Growers.

The Mirage by Daniel Karasik - 
In the metaphorical landscape of an empty city, past and future define what is real.

Lounge Lizards by Sandra O'Briant - 
No one dances quite like Angelique.


July by Amber Shields

Genesis 2020 by  B. Somnouk Thao Worra

Never Want to Let You Go by Stephanie Scarborough


Filmruleto Esperanto: William Shatner and the Curse of "Incubus"


Little Casino
In Our Strange Gardens
Everything is Illuminated
The Life Before Her Eyes


Updated on: 08/02/02


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