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Why This site?

A wealth of material from new and established writers is available on the web, but until now there was no single site to direct readers to the web sites.  SFF.NET, the premier on-line genre community, is hosting a new service tailored specifically to help reach that reading market. 

While working in a bookstore, I learned one important fact: People liked to thumb through the magazines, looking for interesting reading material.  They liked to check out the stacks of new books that had just come in, searching for something new and different.   Browsing was an important method for choosing their reading material. 

SFF.Net's E-Stand creates an electronic version of the newsstand, where readers can browse through the table of contents of different ezines, and look through the 'stacks' of new book listings.  Each publication (ezine or ebook publisher) will have a page to list the content of their latest issue or their newest book releases.  Four main directories will help sort through the publications, either alphabetically or by genre.

The goal of the Sff.Net E-Stand is to create a single site that allows readers to find every new publication as it appears.  And this is all I need from you:

Go to this page: How to be listed and fill in the blanks.  You may also email me (estand@sff.net) one graphic (such as a banner) for your page. Once I receive this information, and verify it with a check of your site, I will build a basic page for your publication and list your publication in the various directories (alphabetical and genre listings). 

After the page is created and approved by you, all you need do is send me the title and author of currently available material.  The most crucial part of this enterprise will be updating the table of contents and book lists whenever there is a change.  This will encourage people to keep coming back and checking out the lists. 

This service is free.

Once set up, it will not take much effort by the publishers to help me keep it up-to-date.  Just send one email when you update your content, and I will publish that information on the e-stand.

Our goal is to provide readers everywhere with the best connection to your writers.  We hope to build the E-Stand into the first place people look for new material, and will support that effort with innovative marketing efforts. 

But to have the 'all inclusive' stand, we need you.  Can we have your support? 

Thank You! 

Lazette Gifford,
Check out our basic pages:  http://www.sff.net/estand