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SFF Net offers its members powerful tools you can use to create a blog or enhance your existing blog pages, whether hosted here or elsewhere.

With the SFF Net Blogging Tools, you can:

    Embed your SFF Net People Newsgroup seamlessly into any web page

    • Unlike many other blogging products, there's no software to install or configure
    • Completely customize the fonts and appearance of the newsgroup to match your page layout
    • Visitors can read and post to the newsgroup directly from your webpage as well as from SFF Net itself!
    • Because it's your SFF Net People newsgroup, you get all the advantages of a managed message system, such as SFF Net's SpamGuardTM protection, automatic message archiving, the ability to delete unwanted posts, help controlling nusiance posters, etc.

    Offer your site visitors an RSS Feed of your newsgroup

    • Provide a link on your page to allow your visitors to add your People Newsgroup to their RSS aggregators
    • Lets visitors know when there's been a new subject being discussed on your newsgroup so they'll return and participate

    Sound good? The Detailed Instructions for Blogging Tools page will give you examples and get you started.


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