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[bullet]  Skip Ahead to Detailed Instructions for Hosted Domains

In addition to our many other services, SFF Net provides full-service domain hosting for your website(s).

To sign up for a hosted domain, see the SFF Net signup wizard for pricing and more information. When you sign up for your hosted domain, we will provide you the necessary DNS server and technical contact information to provide to your network registrar.

  • We are an authorized reseller of domain registration services, so if you don't already have a domain name registered, we can do it for you for you at no charge. Or, you may register with any reputable domain name registrar.

  • If you already have a domain name being hosted elsewhere and wish to use it for your new site here, you'll need to contact the original registrar you used to register your domain name. They'll need the new DNS and technical contact information we'll provide you in order to redirect your name to our servers.

    If you want to take advantage of our free domain name renewal feature and want us to handle the technical details for you, you'll want to consider transferring the domain name from your current registrar to ours. There may be a nominal charge for the transfer; Contact us for complete details.


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