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    Skiffy, the SFF Net Wizard

Frequently-Asked Question

How do I get mail from mailing list x?

Skiffy says:

If you are having trouble receiving messages from some particular mailing list and suspect the list is being blocked by SFF Net, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the mailing list administrator (or look on the associated web site) to make sure the list is still active and that you are still subscribed.

  2. Contact someone else on the same mailing list to see if she's getting copies that you aren't. If not, return to step 1. If so, get a copy from your friend and proceed to step 3. (Hint: The friend can be you at your hotmail or yahoo or ISP address.)

  3. Write to Tech Support and ask to have the system-wide filters modified to allow this mailing list through. You must include a copy of the full headers and body from a message to the list that made it through elsewhere in order for us to analyze it and make an exception for the list.

    If you can't get a copy of a message from the list that was successfully delivered somewhere, try getting a copy of the bounce message delivered to the mailing list administrator (sometimes called moderator).

    Some other message from the moderator won't help. We need to see either the original bounce from something sent to the list, or a copy of something from the list that was successfully delivered somewhere (anywhere).


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