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    Skiffy, the SFF Net Wizard

Frequently-Asked Question

What is the server name and port?

Skiffy says:

    The help documentation has detailed information about each service, including server names and ports, in the section pertaining to that service. Here's a brief recap of what's available, without any explanations:

    Service  DNS name  Port 
    SMTP  smtp.sff.net  25 or 2525 
    POP3  pop3.sff.net  110 
    WebMail  webmail.sff.net  80 
    NNTP  news.sff.net  1119  (note, this is NOT the default NNTP port!)
    WebNews  webnews.sff.net  80 
    IRC  irc.sff.net  6667 or 7777 
    WebChat  irc.sff.net  80 
    Web  www.sff.net  80 
    Secure Web  www.sff.net  443 (https) 


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