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    Skiffy, the SFF Net Wizard

Frequently-Asked Question

How do I fix my totcnt page counter?

Skiffy says:

  1. If your counter has disappeared, try using <!--#totcnt--> (note the lack of spaces around the totcnt, and the lower case). If your code doesn't match what's shown above exactly, your counter won't work.

  2. If your counter is stuck (doesn't change), you probably uploaded a new copy of the page with You are visitor 24 instead of You are visitor <!--#totcnt-->. If you remove the totcnt code, there's nothing for the server to do....

  3. If you've never managed to get the counter to work, check point 1 above -- exact means exact -- and then double-check the filename. Counters and other SSI-type components only work if your page is named .htm, .html, .htp, or .asp.


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