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    Skiffy, the SFF Net Wizard

Frequently-Asked Question

Does SFF Net do WordPress?

Skiffy says:

  • Yes, SFF Net does WordPress!

    WordPress offers two main option for blogs - free blogs on the WordPress.com website and blog software that is installed and runs on your own website. If you have an SFF Net Hosted Domain website, you have the option of running your own installed version of WordPress.

    If you are an Basic or Pro member, you cannot run your own copy of WordPress, but you can still get a free blog from http://www.wordPress.com and put a link to it on your People Page.

    If you have a Hosted Domain and want to run WordPress, contact Tech Support to request it. We'll install your blog for you. Just let us know which folder on your site you want to use for the blog, i.e. /blog, /wordpress, etc. Note, if you want WordPress to be the default page displayed when people browse to your website, the software will need to be installed in the root folder of your site (i.e. http://www.bettyboop.com/) and you should not have any other files in the root folder.


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