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SFF Net's Discussion Areas (Newsgroups) are the heart of SFF Net. Here's where you have the opportunity to mingle with authors, editors, publishers, and fans interested in all facets of Genre Fiction. There are public discussion areas covering just about every type of interest, and if there isn't a discussion that you're looking for, you can start one!

You can use SFF Net's own WebNews program to read and send email using your browser, or you can use your favorite newsreader program instead. If you need instructions on how to set up your computer to use SFF Net newsgroups, see the How to Set Up Your System pages for detailed instructions for your particular software.

SFF Net Basic and Professional members have the option of having their own personal newsgroup available publically, so you can discuss anything that interests you with those that stop by.

SFF Net also hosts a large number of private discussion areas ranging from support groups to professional organizations and writing workshops. Eligbility to access any private group is determined by the particular organization responsible.

SFF Net News Access Methods
Service DNS Name Client Type Port #
News Server
news.sff.net NNTP (Newsreader) 1119 (Note, this is NOT the default NNTP port!)
News Reader
http://webnews.sff.net/ HTTP (browser) 80

1  Some areas open to non-members. Access to private or personal areas require authentication using your SFF Net username/password.
2  Some features only available to SFF Net Members. HTTP Basic Authentication required for user login.


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