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Hello and welcome to SFF Net! We're very glad you've found your way here. You're in the right place to begin getting acquainted with our extraordinary online community.

Although much of what you'll find here is freely available to guests, much of the best SFF Net has to offer is available only to our paying members. If you haven't joined SFF Net yet, here's how.

First, a word about how our help information is organized. SFF Net is a large and varied collection of information, technical services, and, most importantly, people. We use an array of technologies to provide you ways to communicate with others who share your interest in genre fiction.

You may already be very familiar with many of these technologies, but even if you're an old hand in the online world, you'll sometimes need configuration details or a refresher on certain items.

In order to provide useful information for both novice users and experts, we've organized our help system into levels. You'll find that when you first enter Help, you see a main Help Menu menu with just a handful of topics (How to Set Up Your System, Using WebNews/WebMail, etc.).

Clicking any of these items will take you to a Quick Summary page that has condensed, technical information which will get quickly get you started if you're already familiar with the topic. If the summary information is Greek to you, don't worry. There is a link to Detailed Instructions at the top of the Quick Summary screen that will take you to step-by-step instructions with detailed information on each item.

Give it a try right now. Click on the Detailed Instructions link at the top of this page. You'll be taken to a page with more information for users new to SFF Net.


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