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    Quick Summary Page

[bullet]  See our list of recommended software for use with SFF Net.
[bullet]  Skip Ahead to Detailed Instructions for Your Software

Below is a list of available SFF Net Services, type of client needed, and TCP/IP port numbers. This should give you enough basic information to get started quickly if you're already familiar with TCP/IP settings and configuring Internet software.

However, if this information is less than illuminating for you or if you'd like specific software recommendations and step-by-step instructions on setting up your software for use with SFF Net, see Detailed Instructions for Your Software.

SFF Net Services
Service DNS Name Client Type Port #
News Server
news.sff.net NNTP (Newsreader) 1119
(Note, this is NOT the default NNTP port!) 6
webnews.sff.net HTTP (browser) 80
Outgoing Email
smtp.sff.net SMTP 25 or 587 5
Incoming Email
pop3.sff.net POP3 110
Email Client
webmail.sff.net HTTP (browser) 80
IRC Server
irc.sff.net IRC 6667 or 7777
Chat Server
chat.sff.net Telnet or Chatter program 9508

1  Some areas open to non-members. Access to private or personal areas require authentication using your SFF Net username/password
2  Some features only available to SFF Net Members. HTTP Basic Authentication required for user login.
3  Authentication using your SFF Net username/password is required. Set your client software to SMTP Authentication, or on older software, POP After SMTP. Read more on SMTP Authentication.
4  Authentication using your SFF Net username/password is required.
5  Many ISPs (such as AOL, Earthlink, Verizon, etc.) block outgoing port 25 as an anti-spam measure. If yours does, use port 587 instead. Read more on My ISP is Blocking My Ports!
6  Due to Denial-of-Service attacks on open news servers running the standard NNTP port 119, newsgroup access is now provided through port 1119.

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