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    Windows Software Setup Instructions

Netscape users please note: Current versions of Netscape are built using the Mozilla platform and the setup instructions for SFF Net are therefore essentially identical to the instructions for Mozilla below.

Mozilla Suite

    Email Client Setup
    Download this software

    Please have your SFF Net username, password, and SFF Net Email address handy (they were included in your original signup confirmation email). You'll need them to complete these instructions.

    1. Start Mozilla. If this is the first time you've run the program, select Window -> Mail & Newsgroups from the main menu. This will automatically start the Account Wizard, so you can proceed to step 2. If you've previously set up an email account (or the Account Wizard doesn't start), you should follow the instructions in the Adding a Second Email Address addendum below before proceeding.

      Open the Mail & Newsgroups Window

    2. On the New Account Setup screen, choose the Email Account option. Your screen should look like this before you proceed:

      Start the New Account Wizard

    3. On the Identity screen, type in your name (as you'd use to sign a regular letter) in the Your name box and your SFF Net email address in the Email address box.

      Do NOT put in any other email address other than your @sff.net address or your email will bounce. (Exception: If you have an SFF Net hosted domain, you may use an email address from that domain (i.e. if SFF Net hosts mydomain.com for you, you may use bettyb@mydomain.com).

      Enter your email address info

    4. There are three items to complete on the Server Information screen:

      • The Server type field must have the POP radio button selected.
      • The Incoming Server must be set to pop3.sff.net
      • The Outgoing Server must be smtp.sff.net

      Your screen entries must look exactly like the following before you proceed:

      Mail server information

    5. At the beginning, we said you'd need your SFF Net username and password handy. Get them now. On the User Name screen, enter your SFF Net username (this is not your email address). When you first connect to SFF Net, Mozilla will ask you for your SFF Net password. Mozilla's Password Manager should ask you at that time if you want it to remember the password for you.

      See the Secret Handshakes page for more information on your SFF Net username and password.

      Your screen should look similar to the following before you proceed:

      Enter your username

      When the Account Wizard is complete, you can review your settings. They should look similar to these:

      Review your settings

      Almost done! Note, although you will be able to download mail from the server at this time, you must make the changes below to SMTP server settings before you will be able to send mail.

    6. From the menu on your mail window, you now need to select Edit --> Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings

      Pull up the Account Settings screen

    7. Pick the Outgoing (SMTP) Server settings of the email account you just created. These settings must be correct in order to send mail.

      • Change the Port: setting from 25 to 587.

      • Be certain the Use name and password box is checked. Also, be sure your SFF Net username is entered in the User Name field.

        When you first connect to SFF Net, Mozilla will ask you for your SFF Net password. Mozilla's Password Manager will ask you at that time if you want it to remember the password for you.

      Change your SMTP server port and authentication options

    Congratulations, you're now all set to send and receive SFF Net email!

    What's next?
    Your SFF Net POP3 email box has a variety of extra features you can control, including:

    • Highly effective, configurable spam filters
    • Automatic virus and HTML script protection
    • Junk folder for reviewing spam caught by filters
    • Message preview before downloading
    • Email auto-forwarding
    • Automatic out-of-office replies

    You can control these options using your web browser through our WebMail system. You'll want to read more about controlling your email box in the SFF Net Email section of the help system.

    Adding a Second Email Address
    If you already have an email address set up in Mozilla and you wish to add your SFF Net account as a second address, the procedure is much the same as detailed above. However, the method for invoking the New Account wizard is different. Open the Mail & Newsgroups window:

    Open the Mail & Newsgroups Window

    Then select Edit --> Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings from the Inbox menu.

    Select Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings

    To start the New Account wizard, click the Add Account button on the Account Settings screen:

    Start the New Account Wizard

    Then, continue with your SFF Net email account setup proceeding from Step 2 above. When you come to the last step (setting SMTP authentication using the Account Settings screen), verify your general account settings using the following information:

    Since you will be using more than one email account, you should be aware there are strict rules about what can be entered in the Email Address box depending on which SMTP server you choose to use as your outgoing email server.

    Email Account Settings

    • If you are planning to use SFF Net's SMTP Server to send outgoing mail:
      DO NOT change the Email Address setting to contain anything except your @sff.net address (or an address @ your SFF Net-hosted domain). If you want replies to your email to go to an address other than your @sff.net address, you should enter the desired address in the Reply-to address field instead. Otherwise, leave the Reply-to address field blank.


    • If you are are planning to use your ISP's (or other non-SFF Net) SMTP server to send outgoing mail:
      PLEASE DO change the entry in the Email Address field to a valid address that matches your ISP's domain. Mail will bounce if you try to send email through your ISP with your @sff.net address (or an address using your SFF Net-hosted domain). If you want replies to mail sent through your ISP's SMTP server to arrive in your SFF Net mailbox, put your @sff.net address in the Reply-to address field.

      Mozilla does offer the ability to set your system to more than one SMTP server (you configure this on the Advanced dialog of the Outgoing Server (SMTP) settings screen, however, this can be a bit tricky since it's not easy to determine what email should be sent through what server. Don't mess with this option unless you're sufficiently comfortable you know what you're doing.

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