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Quick Summary Page

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WebNews is SFF Net's exclusive browser-based newreader. WebNews is the fastest and simplest way to start using SFF Net's discussion newsgroups.

Any computer that has a web browser can access WebNews. You can easily access SFF Net from virtually any computer, such as machines at work or while you're traveling. Try it now!

WebNews is intended to be simple, quick starting point for accessing SFF Net newsgroups. Once you're familiar with SFF Net's newsgroups, you'll probably want to start using a dedicated newsreader to gain the additional features and advantages of those programs. See How to Set Up Your System for instructions and recommendations.

SFF Net WebNews Technical Details
Service DNS Names Client Type Port #
WebNews newsreader webnews.sff.net HTTP (browser) 80 1

1  Access to private areas requires authentication using standard web Basic Authentication. Some firewalls/proxies prevent passing Basic Authentication traffic and thus prevent access to services requiring username/password access.


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