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Web Page Basics
Basic or Professional Members may receive a personal web page on request. If you indicated you wanted a page at signup, your URL was sent in your welcome letter. Otherwise, use the Feedback Form at the bottom of any SFF Net page to request one.

Your default filename is Index.html
NB: The default name may change in the future, so it's important that you not include it in your URLs - use the form /people/yourname/ instead.

To make your homepage go "live" and appear on the People Page listing, you must delete the file in your home directory called delete.me.

Use FTP to upload pages to your home directory on the people.sff.net web server. You must use an FTP client that allows you to log in with your SFF Net username and password. Set your FTP client to connect to:

    Host: people.sff.net
    Target Folder: /

    Some FTP programs use the URL instead: ftp://people.sff.net/


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