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How to Work with Shared Graphic Images

Are you using any of the hundreds of backgrounds, bullets, lines, or other files available from the shared /gfx directory on the web server?

  If not, please help yourself. You can browse the shared graphics from the http://www.sff.net/gfx/ page, then note the URLs and refer to them in your own pages.

  If you are using some of these files, are you copying them to your own directory first? There's no need to do that, and it wastes server space to have dozens, perhaps hundreds, of copies of the same image scattered across the SFF Net disks.

  Use your browser's View Source command (usually found on the Edit menu) to see how we're using shared graphics here. You can do exactly the same on your own page!

  Here's  from the /gfx/bullets/ directory and the link you'd type if you want to use it yourself: <img src="/gfx/bullets/yellow1.gif">

/gfx/initials/cheswick/t.gif o use one of our background images as a background on your own page, in your <BODY> tag add background="/gfx/backgrounds/somefile.jpg" (where somefile.jpg is the name of the background you want). The finished tag might look something like this: <BODY background="/gfx/backgrounds/adobe.jpg">.

SFF Net Member Logo
Members: Please add this logo to your SFF Net web pages:

[SFF Net Member]

Just cut and paste this HTML text onto your index.html page:
<a href="/"><img src="/gfx/misc/sffnetmb.gif" ALT="[SFF Net Member]" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="80"></A>

We appreciate your support!

How to Include a Page Counter
It's very easy to add a page counter to any page named .htm, .html, or .htp. To add a counter in the form You are visitor number 3344, add this line:

You are visitor number <!--#totcnt-->

That's all there is to it!

How to Link to the SFF Net Search Engine
You may access the SFF Net search engine at any time from its main URL,

You may also include a link in your page that calls up specific search information. For example, to search the database for damon, you'd use this link: <a href="/search.asp?terms=damon">Search for Damon</a>

How to Use Forms with Email
Do you want users to be able to fill out a form and have the results emailed to you? Your SFF Net Membership gives you free use (on our server only) of Greyware Automation Products' popular "Comments" utility, which allows you to send email from a form on your web page.

Here's the basic syntax:

<form method=post action="/scripts/comments.exe/NUL">
<input type=hidden name=mailto value="you@sff.net">
<input type=hidden name=subject value="Subject Goes Here">
Visitor's name: <input type="text" name="name" size=40>
Visitor's email address: <input type="text" name="email" size=40>
Visitor's message: <textarea rows=7 cols=65 name="message"></textarea>
<input type="submit" value=" Submit "> <input type="reset" value=" Reset ">

Look at the documentation for details about form options. You should always use your @sff.net email address for the mailto variable. Using any other address risks showing your visitor an error, since mail must be either from or to someone here. If you use your hotmail.com address, and the visitor uses his bigfoot.com address, your form will fail.

How to Configure your Guestbook
Anyone with a webpage here (Pro, Basic, or Hosted Domain) may use our system guestbook server. To use the guestbook, just include a link anywhere on one of your web pages:

<a href="/guestbook.asp?username">Guestbook</a>

Replace username in the link with your SFF Net username. For example, if your username is joebob, you'd use <a href="/guestbook.asp?joebob"> for the link.

Before you use the guestbook for the first time, you have to configure it. Visit the Guestbook Configurator to set up your guestbook, or at any time thereafter to change the appearance or behavior. You can also start the Guestbook Configurator by selecting the Member Services option from the main SFF Net home page menu and logging in.

You may delete unwanted entries in your Guestbook by starting the Guestbook Configurator and choosing View Guestbook from the Configurator menu. You'll have a Delete This Entry button for each entry.

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