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    Greyware Registry Rearguard

Greyware Registry Rearguard SFF Net has a special arrangement with Greyware Automation Products to provide Greyware Registry Rearguard (Grr!) at a reduced price for SFF Net members.

To find about about Grr!, read the documentation at http://www.greyware.com/software/grr/. Don't order it from Greyware. Come back to this page.

The normal price for Grr! is $24.95. Through SFF Net, you can get it for $20.00. To qualify for the special price, you must be an SFF Net member with a paying account (Pro, Basic, Virtual Domain, etc.), and order using the procedure below.

How To Order

  1. If you don't already have a Greyware account, visit Greyware and create an account now. Your Greyware account is not related to your SFF Net account, even though Greyware owns SFF Net. They are completely separate databases.

  2. Go ahead and download an Evaluation Copy of Grr! if you want to evaluate it first.

  3. When you are ready to order, drop a note to sales@sff.net and ask to have a copy of Grr! charged to your SFF Net account. Be sure to include your full name and your SFF Net username in the email, so we can verify your account.

  4. You will get a confirmation email from Greyware telling you how to download the registered version. Your SFF Net account statement will show the $20 charge.


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