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Skiffy, the SFF Net Wizard Rate Summary

Here's a handy summary of the rates for each membership plan. You may click on the plan name to see a description.

Plan Monthly Quarterly Annually
Basic $11.95 $35.85 $119.50
Professional $9.95 $29.85 $99.50
Hosted Domain $13.95 $41.85 $139.50

Notice the discount for annual payments. If you pay annually, you get two months' of service free!

Prices may change without notice. Posting these rates does not imply or guarantee that we will accept your business. We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone at any time. In particular, we reserve the right to preserve SFF Net's genre-related focus by deciding which sites or content areas, in our sole opinion, are compatible with our overall goals, policies, and sensibilities. Please see our General Policies and Procedures before signing up for any accounts.


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