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Skiffy, the SFF Net Wizard Hosted Domain Membership
Price: $13.95/month, $41.85/quarter, or $139.50/year

All the benefits of a Basic membership, plus:

  1. Free domain name registration if you use SFF Net as your registrar
  2. Free transfer of existing names to SFF Net
  3. SSL certificates available at our registrar rates
  4. Your virtual domain website (www.yourdomain.com)
  5. 200 MB disk space
  6. No preset hit surcharges, transfer fees, or excess traffic fees
  7. ASP, Perl, PHP, and standard CGI scripting
  8. MySQL databases, with phpMyAdmin control panel
  9. WordPress pre-configured and ready to go
  10. You may install other scripts, such as shopping carts, blogs, calendars, or wikis
  11. Unlimited email aliases (you@yourdomain.com)
  12. Private area (on request only)

Hosted domains are for genre-related sites only. We may make exceptions from time to time for existing or past customers, but otherwise we only accept applications for domain hosting if the domain is going to be about books, publishing, literacy, reading, art, workshopping, etc. Naturally, this category includes personal author sites, authors' group sites, or online magazines.

Your website may not contain advertising, order forms, shopping baskets, or other commercial features, except as directly related to your own domain. This means that if you are selling books, you may have links to Amazon or even your own shopping cart to sell your books directly, but not a shopping cart for spare auto parts, your mom's crockery, or books in general. Any exceptions to this rule require prior approval from SFF Net.

The basic rule is that your website should be about you and your writing (or other genre-related subjects), not a shopping site. If, incidentally, you happen to sell things related to your site's content, that's okay.

No porn sites, scams, or advertising-only sites! If you aren't sure whether or not your idea fits in with SFF Net, please write to techsupport and ask. We're happy to answer questions about domains, or help with registering, renewing, or maintaining your domain name.


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