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 ○    Rhiannon Held
 ○    Dave Hendrickson
 ○    Elizabeth Hirst
 ○    Larry Hodges
 ○    Lancer Kind
 ○    Clayton Kroh
 ○    Adria Laycraft
 ○    Eric Newman
 ○    Jeff Pert
 ○    Deborah Sacks
 ○    Russell Scarola
 ○    Calie Voorhis
 ○    Victoria Witt
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  Back row Dave Hendrickson, Victoria Witt, Lancer Kind, Clayton Kroh, Eric Newman  
Second row Calie Voorhis, Russell Scarola, Terry Edge, Jeff Pert
Third row Larry Hodges, Deborah Sacks, Robert J. Sawyer, Jeanne Cavelos, Susan Sielinski
Front row Rhiannon Held, Adria Laycraft, Elizabeth Hirst, Nu Yang, Ellen Denham
"If you ever read anything of mine in the future, you might find some of these stolen."
--Jeffrey Pert

"I was about as successful as Homer was."
--Russell Scarola

"You gotta sell me on the premise."
--Robert J. Sawyer

"That's a mighty big 'if,' Fred."
--Robert J. Sawyer

"Some of them are just put on toilet duty, which doesn't seem particularly life threatening."
--Terry Edge

"You bought a whole acre on my strangeness farm, and I was ready to let my cows run free on it."
--Clayton Kroh

"You have sweat trickling down his back and into his eyes."
--Russell Scarola

"'Sickening crunch.' I hear that's a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's."
--Jeffrey Pert

"Ditto on whatever it was someone said earlier."
--Deborah e. Sacks

"If you're going to write this, give us the dirt."
--Ellen Denham

"It has a beginning, a middle, and an end! It's fabulous!"
--Ellen Denham

"You need to think out the whole sperm thing."
--Laurie J. Marks

"It seemed like she was shooting up with Ambien. . . . It didn't seem like a really good drug."
--Clayton Kroh

"Is Riley an aquatic pedophile?"
--David Hendrickson

"I like the fact that I had to adjust my brain to this story."
--Jeff VanderMeer

"My inner feminist had some problems."
--Russell Scarola

"The robot was the only one I freaking liked!"
--Russell Scarola

"I'm just writing in the margin, 'Divorce! Divorce!'"
--Ellen Denham

"This is a pacifist talking here. I would have pulled out my gun and shot him."
--Robert J. Sawyer

"The climactic section--literally and figuratively . . ."
--Eric M. Newman

"A very nice hamburger with a couple of stale pieces of bread on it."
--Larry Hodges

"The sex scene was a little Tab A, Slot B."
--Rhiannon Held

"Take pity on your reader. Tell us things."
--Rhiannon Held

"I had to take a smoke after that scene."
--Lance Kind

"He's stupid, and he's distant, but he's not manipulative."
--Elizabeth Hirst

"That makes him seem kind of weird and obsessive as if he sucked the soul of an engineer."
--Rhiannon Held

"The first paragraph was all in her point of view. That definitely messed me up now that I'm an Odyssey Nazi."
--Russell Scarola

"I would try to act out what you are writing."
--Elizabeth Hirst

"If you give your wife cosmic organisms you better have some cosmic penicillin."
--David Hendrickson

"Acknowledging that a question isn't answered isn't the same as answering the question."
--Robert J. Sawyer

"You've derailed my train of thought. Damn you to hell. I'll give you a Get-Out-of-Hell-Free card later."
--Robert J. Sawyer

"A HAITE story: Here's An Idea, The End."
--Robert J. Sawyer

"In a universal sense, size does matter."
--David Hendrickson

"It kept threatening to start."
--Eric M. Newman

"Still, I need my pencil. It's amazing I can talk to you without holding my pencil."
--Laurie J. Marks

Elizabeth Hirst: "Sonic the Hedgehog."
Larry Hodges: "Son of a hedgehog?"

"An 'I' jumped out at me. I was like, whoa!"
--Rhiannon Held

"Ranting reader syndrome."
--Lance Kind

"What the hell is wrong with me?"
--David Hendrickson

"Usually nobody sees my stuff until it's ready to be rejected."
--David Hendrickson

"We will remember every nasty word you say until the day you die."
--Robert J. Sawyer

"Let that be a lesson to you in whatever way it's applicable."
--Robert J. Sawyer

"If they were saving my mum's life, I wouldn't dress up and do this."
--Robert J. Sawyer

"He seemed really comfortable in that poodle skirt."
--Elizabeth Hirst


  Ellen Denham Ellen Denham
"I feel my potential as a writer has increased exponentially."
Terry Edge Terry Edge
"The consistently high level of Jeanne's instruction, along with regular, honest feedback on your work, will massively improve your writing. The course is very hard work, in a supportive atmosphere, which develops new writing habits and mind-sets that are truly effective. You emerge at the end knowing what to do--which is no small thing for a writer. "

Rhiannon Held Rhiannon Held
"I can't say if Odyssey has revolutionized my writing--that will come years down the road, as we see how much I am (or am not) published. But I know it's revolutionized how I think about my writing, and that's the important part--after this workshop, I have faith I have the skills to make the rest come. "
Dave Hendrickson Dave Hendrickson
"I wish I'd done this years ago. Every writer should get the opportunity to work with Jeanne Cavelos. I now feel that the only person who can stop me from being successful is me. "

Elizabeth Hirst Elizabeth Hirst
"Jeanne is a master of critique, a compassionate and learned teacher, and just plain fun to be around. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is ready to take a good, long look at their writing skills and do what it takes to improve. "
Larry Hodges Larry Hodges
Oh, Odyssey, My Odyssey!

I went there a wannabe writer,
I needed to make my words righter,
I was Odysseyed well,
In those six weeks of Hell,
Now my career is much brighter!

Of Jeanne, we all can attest,
Her teaching is really the best,
All the edits she's done,
And that point of view fun,
We're grateful for all of her zest!

--Larry Hodges

Lance Kind Lancer Kind
"You could spend six years struggling to learn what Odyssey gives you in six weeks. "
Clayton Kroh Clayton Kroh
"Odyssey is a fantastic program that can take an amateur writer and turn him or her into a writer with skills and discipline to become a professional.

"Jeanne Cavelos is utterly amazing. Her critiques are in-depth and her insights are sharp and helpful on every single story submitted. She can help you turn a train wreck of a story into a publishable work you can be proud of. "

Adria Laycraft Adria Laycraft
"If a writer is truly someone for whom writing is more difficult than others, Jeanne can help ease your pain. "
Eric Newman Eric Newman
"Count me among those who consider Odyssey a life-changing experience. I finished a better writer, a better critiquer, exhausted but energized. Endless thanks to Jeanne, Susan, and the class of '06. "

Jeff Pert Jeff Pert
"I came to Odyssey to find out whether I had what it takes to write commercial fantastic fiction. I found out that I do, if I'm willing to work at it. Odyssey showed me I wasn't as good a writer as I thought I was, and that I have lots of work to do, and then gave me the tools I need to do that work.

"It's been an invaluable experience. I only wish I had enough money to pay Jeanne to sit beside me every time I write. She's that insightful and that encouraging.

"At the end of the six weeks, I find myself exhausted, excited, and happy. It's a great place to be."

Deborah Sacks Deborah Sacks
"Every aspect of writing and story craft, Odyssey helped me improve in my own work. Now if I could only remember how to hold a pen. . . . "

Russell Scarola Russell Scarola
"After attending Odyssey, I now feel prepared to write the stories that I have to tell, with the strength and clarity that they deserve."
Calie Voorhis Calie Voorhis
"Odyssey is just more. More work, more stress, more friendship, more joy, more learning than you thought possible. More than you can ever expect, and the change is profound. The only thing I can ensure you'll get less of is sleep and every second of it is worth it. If you don't go, you'll regret it. "

Victoria Witt Victoria Witt Nu Yang Nu Yang
"Odyssey has helped me learn how to take a 400-page novel in its first draft and cut it into tiny pieces in order to make it all fit in one organized piece. Without Odyssey, the novel wouldn't have had the balance it needed to stand on its own. Rewriting and starting over is NOT scary! "
Odyssey Class of 2006 Photo Album
Click images to enlarge
St. Anselm College Campus
St. Anselm College campus
Collins House dorm
Collins House dorm
The center of St. Anselm College, the Quad
The Quad, the center of the campus
Julia flips through her book of quotes while Mary looks on, and Susan waits for the table to be called
Our first classroom
Falvey House dorm
Falvey House dorm
Our second classroom
Our second classroom
First visiting writer Melissa Scott with Jeanne Cavelos
Jeanne Cavelos and our first
visiting writer Melissa Scott
Our first Odyssey BBQ
Our first Odyssey BBQ
Jeff Vandermeer visits with Nu Yang
Jeff VanderMeer visits with Nu Yang
Christopher Golden talks about the business of being a writer
Christopher Golden talks about the business
of being a writer
Ellen, Eric, Adria and Larry ready for Laurie Marks reception
Ellen, Eric, Adria and Larry ready for
Laurie Marks' reception
Laurie Marks talks about her writing process
Laurie Marks talks about her writing process
Writer-in-residence Robert J. Sawyer
Writer-in-residence Robert J. Sawyer
Rob Sawyer shows off his John W. Campbell Memorial award with Liz Hirst
Rob Sawyer shows off his John W. Campbell
Memorial award with Liz Hirst
The Odyssey gang with Rob Sawyer at T-Bones Restaurant
The Odyssey gang with Rob Sawyer
at T-Bones Restaurant
Visiting editor Shawna McCarthy
Visiting editor Shawna McCarthy
Susan Sielinski and Rhiannon Held at the Barnes & Noble 2006 Odyssey Slam
Susan Sielinski and Rhiannon Held at the
Barnes & Noble 2006 Odyssey Slam
The 2006 Odyssey gang at the Slam
The 2006 Odyssey gang at the Slam
Jeanne crosses herself against the evil, oh so evil class of 2006
Jeanne crosses herself against the
evil, oh so evil class of 2006
Jeff Pert stealthily plunders the snack table during the graduation party
Jeff Pert stealthily plunders the snack table
during the graduation party
Susan, Russ, Jeanne and Clay on graduation day
Susan, Russ, Jeanne and Clay on graduation day

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