Viable Paradise: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop

The Evil Overlord Devises a Plot


Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Excerpted from my lecture on Stupid Plotting Tricks
By Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Evil Overlords Lists

I. Evil Overlords, and Other Genre Cliches
A. Lead Characters (Bad):
If I Ever Become the Evil Overlord... 1-230

B. Lead Characters (Good):

If I Am Ever the Hero... 1-101
If I Am Ever a Starfleet Captain... 102-150

C: Auxiliary Characters (Bad):

Tips for the Evil Henchman: 1-26
Guidelines for Legion of Doom Troops: 27-41
Tips for the Trusted Lieutenant: 42-52
Tips for the Evil Overlord's Wicked but Beautiful Daughter: 53-68
Tips for the Evil Overlord's Accountant: 69-76
Tips for Evil Geniuses: 77-96
Tips for Evil Cult Members: 97-122
Advice for Aliens and Monsters on the Rampage: 123-130

D: Auxiliary Characters (Good):

If I Am Ever the Sidekick... 1-33
If I Am Ever the Hero's Own True Love... 34-70
Tips for the Innocent Bystander: 71-123

E: Further Evil

Guidelines for Evil Empresses: 1-51
Notes on Fortress Construction: 52-66
Notes Regarding Ultimate Weapons/Spells: 67-78
Miscellaneous Evil Resolutions: 79-94

II. Murphy's Laws of Combat, 1-141

III. Things We Learned at the Movies, 1-121


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