Finding These Books

Many of the books on the list are currently in print, or were popular enough that you should be able to track them down in a used-bookstore or at the library. I've noted some of those that will be particularly difficult to find. Like most things American, this list believes the United States is the center of the universe - those of you in Canada, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere may need to put forth quite a bit more effort. To aid in that effort, following is a list of Places To Find Books.

I should note that I do not have any sort of "associate" relationship with any of the sellers listed. The idea of getting kickbacks because I'm recommending a particular store makes me uncomfortable and besides, I'm too lazy to go to the trouble of setting up and maintaining those sort of links.



New Books (U.K.) (Germany)

On-line bookstore list


Book Giant (U.K.) (U.K.)

Fantasy Centre(U.K.)

Chapters/Indigo (Canada)

Bakka Phoenix Bookstore (Canada)

Science Fiction-Bokhadeln (Sweden)

Remaindered Books

Basement Full of Books


Daedalus Books

Hamilton Books

Used Books


Advanced Book Engine, Inc.


  New Books

The easiest place to start looking if you can't tear yourself from your computer and go to your local bookstore is They have a huge selection, are easy to use, and offer discount prices along with reasonable shipping rates. And, yes, they do ship everywhere in the world. They now have both British and German branches. Although Amazon offers an out-of-print book service, it can be less expensive to use the services listed that deal specifically in used books. It is a good idea to compare prices with

One large and well-regarded on-line bookstores in the U.S. is Powells. Powells is a huge independent bookstore, and they have used books as well as new available. Jim Macdonald and Debra Doyle maintain a great list of on-line bookstores that carry sf, fantasy, and horror.

Alexander reports that a good source of British books is Fantasy Centre specializes in hard-to-find sf and fantasy titles, both new and used. If anyone else is willing to recommend some European and/or Asian bookstores with a web presence, I'll be happy to list them.

Remaindered Books

"Remainders" are overstocked books sold at a steep discount by the publisher. They are new books (although sometimes they will be marked in some way to show that they've been remaindered), and you can get some pretty incredible deals. The problem is that the selection is limited and constantly changing.

The first place you should check is Basement Full of Books, where you can buy direct from your favorite authors. Not only are the dollars you spend going straight to the authors you love, you'll also be able to get your books autographed.

The BookCloseouts usually has several hundred sf and fantasy titles. Hamilton Books is big fun to browse; you'll find their fantasy titles by clicking on the 'fiction' listing, then the 'fantasy fiction' subheader. Daedalus Books has had very few sf books the few times I've checked, but they're fun to visit for discounts on all the other titles they carry. BookCloseouts is Canadian, but they are quite happy to deal in US dollars; the others are all US-based.

Used Books

One of the nicest services I've seen in a long time is the BookFinder. It searches several large used book databases very quickly and presents you with a list of results. And it also has British, French, and German versions. Try it first.

For those really hard to find books, several of the used book databases allow you to set up a want list. I've used the service at the Advanced Book Engine, and many of the books that I thought I'd never find have turned up over the last nine months. Another service to try is Alibris.

For those of you in Britain, Dave recommends Fantastic Literature. They only deal in mail order, and have a large selection of out-of-print sf, fantasy and horror. Contact them at:
Fantastic Literature, 33 The Ramparts, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 8NJ

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