Novelist and Short Story Writer

"RED MOON RISING" --A Vampire Novel. Available from DAW Books. Order online at any bookstore or at your favorite hometown bookstore. "MALACHI'S MOON", second novel in the series. "CRAVEN MOON", third novel in the series. Five Star Review by Harriet Klausner at

BAD TRIP SOUTH A suspense novel from Five Star Mystery. Available at SHOCKLINES

GOLD RUSH DREAM, a western like no other, by Naomi Stahl (pseudonym), available at! "Her parents had been murdered in a brutal Indian attack, her home burned to the ground. Travis found Rose rising from the ashes from the underground room, disoriented and grief-stricken. Taking her to the family she had left in Galveston, Texas failed when it was discovered they'd long since headed West for the gold rush. Unable to abandon the waif, Travis surrendered to her plea to take her to the only aunt and uncle she had left. Only then did the cross-country adventure begin. Tracked by a renegade Indian bent on kidnapping the red-haired woman for his own, the perilous trip to Northern California would try the wit and strength of the young couple."

SLICE --Available now from Wildside Press-----Her sister had been slain by a serial killer who now was back for her. Having been trained for warfare by the Israeli government, Carla knew exactly what to do. Meet the enemy on your own terms. Give no quarter. Seek and destroy. And never, never surrender.. Go to or to order.

DEADLY AFFECTIONS-- When her mother died, she moved to Moon Lake, Mississippi with her father to start a new life. What she found was Tye, a young man who would have everything his way. Everything warped. Everything dangerous and on the edge. He had the money, family, and the whole community on his side. Now life had become a nightmare and there was no way to turn aside Tye's deadly affections.--Available now from Wildside Press and , Amazon , and .

FINAL CUT -- new suspense novel set in Hollywood. Five Star Press. Available online at and your library. Autographied copies are available at-- SHOCKLINES

DARK MATTER, short story collection, published by Wildside Books, available everywhere. Pre-order now at: SHOCKLINES

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