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Here are some useful and fun resources for readers and writers, science fiction and otherwise. None of this information is mine, just links to other sites. For a few of my own essays on writing, go the Plain Banter page.

ABE (Advanced Book Exchange) -- great place to find used books -- search many shops at once.
Adventures in Crime & Space -- specializing in Mystery, Science Fiction, & Horror Books; New, Used, and Rare
Amazon -- the giant of online bookstores.
Barnes & Noble -- the big chain bookstore.
Bibliophile -- specializing in rare & used books.
eBay -- lots of used books come up for auction here.
Half.com -- another good source for used books.
Powell's City of Books -- a large independent bookstore with both new and used stock.
TomFolio.com -- a collective of many separate booksellers.

All Recipes -- because you gotta eat.
Babel Fish -- translate text to and from different languages.
Bartleby -- a variety of resources: dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, thesauri, quotations, textbooks, fiction, verse, and more!
FirstGov -- official website for searching the U.S. Government.
SF&F research database
NASA's Visible Earth
The Internet Archive -- take a look back at websites past in the Wayback Machine.
Ocean State Lawyers for the Arts have a lot of legal info on Intellectual Property.
The Columbia World of Quotations has quotations for all occasions.
Encyclopaedia Britannica -- the best encyclopedia -- free!
Satellite photos the long view.
Terraserver a closer look from spy satellites. If you're good at picking out landmarks, you can find your own home in these views.
Epinions.com -- user ratings on just about everything.
The Quote Garden -- pithy quotes for all occasions.
How Stuff Works -- a very cool site.
The Internet Movie Database
Information Please Almanac
iTools -- internet reference desk.
525,000 baby names -- great for finding character names.
LibrarySpot -- encyclopedias, maps, libraries and more.
Maps On Us -- for maps and driving directions.
Metacritic -- gives a consensus of all the critics for movies and music.
Trademark Search
New Scientist
The CIA World Factbook -- world info.
Encyclopedia Mythica
Salary.com -- how much does that job pay?
Science Friday -- the NPR radio show.
Screen It -- movie and music reviews for parents.
Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase -- a large database of authors and stories.
SharpWriter -- grammar, ebooks, writing resources.
Skeptic Magazine
The Internet Tourbus -- website and e-mail newsletter of Internet instructions and cool things.
The Twilight Zone -- guide to every episode.
SQL Tutorial -- reference for querying databases.
IT glossary -- for computer related terms.
Wikipedia -- the user maintained encyclopedia.
yourDictionary.com -- many types of dictionaries.

Writers & Writing Resources
Preditors and Editors -- lots of links to markets and services for writers.
28 Ways to Make the News
C. J. Cherryh -- good essays on "Strong Characters versus Weak Characters" and "Writerisms and Other Sins."
Mary Soon Lee -- lots of useful information.
Lisa Silverthorne -- another up-and-coming writer with lots of good advice, links, and an interesting journal. Go visit!
Critters Workshop Library
Fiction Writer's Connection
For Writers -- lots of resources for writers.
Orson Scott Card -- Uncle Orson's Writing Class
Scott Nicholson -- home of the Haunted Computer.
Forward Motion -- a collection of useful information by Holly Lisle.
Horror Writers Association -- lots of resources for writers.
Ultimate SF Web Guide
Amy Sterling Casil -- an up-and-coming writer with lots of good advice and links. A good friend I've yet to meet.
Nicola Griffith
Richard F. West -- was the first real writer I ever knew personally.
Self Promotion
SFF Net -- lots of resources, as well as a great place to hang out online.
Stupid Plot Tricks
Ben Bova
James Van Pelt -- prolific new SF writer who regularly steals magazine slots away from me. If I didn't like him so much, I'd hate him.
S. Andrew Swann -- good essays on world-building and plotting.
Sherwood Smith -- with lots of nice essays On Writing.
Vonda McIntyre -- a great essay on the "Pitfalls Of Writing SF and Fantasy" and a good article on manuscript preparation.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America -- lots of good resources and links to useful places.
Robert J. Sawyer -- lots of fine "How To Write" articles.
Jeffrey A. Carver -- has some great "Advice to Aspiring Writers."
Ron Collins. -- a very persistent new writer with an interesting online journal. Take a look.
Writers of The Future Contest -- information on entering the contest.
Lytspeed Communications -- interesting site from author Stace Johnson.

Sources for Market Information
Black Hole -- a place to check up on a market's response time.
Paula Fleming's SF Market List
Little Behemoth
Literary Markets
The Market List
Ralan Conley's Market list -- a very good market site.
The Internet Newsstand
Callihoo -- Julia West's market list & newsletter.
Preditors & Editors
Speculations -- a magazine on writing and markets in the SF and fantasy genres.
Spicy Green Iguana -- a very large listing of market information.
The Write Market -- a resource for market guidelines in the SF, fantasy and horror genres.

Places For Writers To Hang Out
SFF.net -- newsgroups for writers.
The Rumor Mill -- Speculations discussion board for writers.
Analog Discussion Board
Asimov's Message Board
Nightshade Message Board , which includes the F&SF forum, among many others.
Critters Workshop
Writing-World.com Index
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
Suite101.com -- an online community

Portals & Search Engines
Google -- currently the best search engine on the web.
Yahoo -- large index and lotsa stuff.
My Yahoo! -- customizeable page with news, weather, stocks, movies, and the kitchen sink.
Ask Jeeves!
Ixquick Metasearch
NBCi - Home
Netscape Search
Northern Light Search
Search Engine Watch Tips

News & Reviews
Locus Magazine -- the SF industry newsmagazine.
Science Fiction Weekly
Tangent -- is a webzine that reviews most of the SF/F/H genre periodicals. Lots of writing resources and news.
Best SF Reviews
Bluejack reviews
Rich Horton's Home Page
Short Fiction Roundup beta
Short Fiction Roundup Welcome
DRUDGE REPORT -- think what you may of Drudge, but his page has links to just about every major newspaper and column around.
Entertainment Weekly Critical Mass Movie Poll
New York Times
New York Times Books
New York Times Magazine
The New York Times Science
New York Post -- It's NOT the Times.
Scientific American News Briefs
Scoop -- gossip.
Slashdot News
Slate today's papers
Technofile by Al Fasoldt
The New Yorker In The Magazine
The Sun Newspaper Online
The Washington Post
Yahoo! - News
Yahoo! News Full Coverage

Places to Read Fiction Online
Index of Online Fiction
The New Yorker Fiction
Strange Horizons
The Infinite Matrix
Sci Fiction Archive -- edited by Ellen Datlow.
Project Gutenberg
Deep Outside SFFH.
DNA Publications Home Page
Free Speculative Fiction Online

Humor and Odd Stuff
Boing Boing -- odd stuff.
Celebrity Soundboards
Cruel Site of the Day
Da Vinci's Notebook -- a humorous vocal group.
How do I swear in foreign languages?
Useless Information
Humorsphere -- great source of funny photos.
IgNobel Prizes
Dr. Demento
Landover Baptist
David Letterman
The Institute of Official Cheer
Magic Robot
National Lampoon
SatireWire dot.com.edy
Style Invitational The Washington Post's humor competition.
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
The Chronicles of George
The Daily Probe
The Dialectizer
The Onion
Urban Legends
Weird NJ
Zealot.com Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fun!
Bay Leaves -- yes, bay leaves.
IFILM -- short films.

Anfy Java Developer Page
Arachnophilia -- is the HTML editor I use to maintain these pages.
DOWNLOAD.COM -- shareware & demos.
ZDNet Downloads -- shareware & demos.
Free Software
Happy Puppy
Jumbo -- shareware & demos.
Net Mechanic
Pricelessware -- freeware.
Ztree -- a great file navigator, if you remember the old DOS program Xtree.
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