Other sites Derryl thinks you ought to visit:

Mark Shainblum     (Canadian comic book writer)

William Gibson     (cool site, cool writer)

Flyby Atlas of Mars     (need I say any more about this?)

Internet Speculative Fiction Database     (just about everyone is here)

Duke University Primate Center     (they've helped me with research for an upcoming story)

Randy Reichardt     (good friend, introduced me to my wife; a worthwhile site to check out)

Don Jessop     (another good friend, this will take you to all sorts of mailing lists)

Animaniacs Page     (pointers to everything about Yakko, Wakko and Dot)

Homicide: Life on the Street     (best show on TV, and quite the web site as well)

Outside     (an outdoor magazine with quality writing and photography)

  More Links Coming Soon!