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Update: Dan's Email Address Has Changed
For those who might still want to get in touch with me, my curren email address is I'm updating the mail links from these pages accordingly.

Going into Archival Mode
Has it really been almost eight years? I guess so. I hope the advice here isn't too dated, and has helped some writers in their quest to get published.

In the interest of helping any fledgling fiction writers out there, I'm keeping this site open. But it's going to be an archive, and is unlikely to be updated.

I'm going to go through and fix some of the links, trim a bit of stuff and otherwise get the site shipshape, which it badly needs, and after everything's locked down, I'll set her on autopilot. For information on why this happened, see the explanation below.

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Who the heck is Dan Perez? Well, I'm a professional business and travel editor and I'm a sculptor. But in a previous life (not so long ago in a galaxy pretty much right here) I was a fiction writer and nonfiction writer/editor, primarily. I used to write for the national bimonthly magazines Science Fiction Age and Realms of Fantasy, as well as the "Future Shock" column and various articles for Sci Fi Entertainment and Sci Fi Universe. I also used to edit Sci Fi Magazine, but my buddy Scott Edelman does that now. I've also had some professionally published fiction in the genres of science fiction, horror and fantasy. What I'm most passionate about these days is sculpting. You can visit my sculpting site by clicking on the banner below:

Why am I not updating this site any more? I regret to announce that as of spring 1997, I pretty much gave up on fiction writing. This had a lot to do with the current fiction market, which, at that time, was ailing badly (I've no idea what it's like these days). A lot of established science fiction writers were struggling, and the climate was about as inhospitable as it could get for a first-time novelist. I'd written my third novel, a science fiction book called Return, which my agent, my writer's group and just about everyone else thought would be my first novel to sell. However, no editor liked the book enough to buy it, and I had no incentive to write another potentially unsalable novel at the time. And things were scarcely better with short fiction: the blood, sweat and tears that went into the writing and marketing of short stories (without any real guarantee of sales) was more productively and profitably put into writing nonfiction. I'm not bitter about any of this, despite sinking about ten years of my life into the effort. Hey, I gave it my best shot and it didn't work out. Fortunately for me, I had a few things to fall back on (like the discovery that I had a talent for sculpting), and I'm moving in new, more productive directions.

As noted, I plan to keep this site available, as I've gotten a lot of cordial email from people who have benefited from the articles and information here. Who knows? Maybe one or more of them will succeed in this crazy business, and if this site played some role in that, I'll be happy. At the very least, it will help new writers avoid some of the nastier pitfalls out there. So thanks for dropping by, and I hope you find the site useful and informative. Best of luck in your writing and other endeavors.

--Dan Perez, March 2005

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