David B. Coe

Author of Fantasy Novels and the Occasional Short Story

Bonds of Vengeance

For centuries the Forelands were disputed by warring clans. Then came an invasion from the south -- the Qirsi, physically no match for their foes, but capable of mindsight, raising and controlling mists and winds, creating fire, and bending solid matter to their purpose. After a Qirsi traitor betrayed his race to save himself, the invaders were defeated and dispersed among the seven realms of the Forelands. Those specially endowed Qirsi capable of wielding the power of all Qirsi as a single weapon, the Weavers, were put to death.

Now, however, a new Weaver walks the land, a mysterious man who appears in the dreams of those who serve his dark purposes, and whose ambitions threaten to unravel the very fabric of the Forelands. With his servants sowing unrest throughout the seven realms, plotting assassinations and weakening age-old alliances that have kept an uneasy peace, this Weaver is poised to extend his power over all the Forelands. Some Qirsi ministers are torn between joining his movement and staying loyal to their lords; others are already active in the burgeoning and increasingly violent rebellion. Even some Qirsi who oppose the conspiracy are forced to take sides against the courts, while an Eandi lord in league with the renegades prepares for war against rival houses.

Already the kingdoms of Eibithar and Aneira have suffered greatly for the machinations of the Qirsi rebellion, and now the Sanbiran Matriarchy is drawn into the conflict as well. It seems no realm is immune. As the Eandi courts prepare for war against an enemy that continues to confound and elude them, another Weaver steps forward to oppose the conspiracy. Grinsa jal Arriet, companion and protector to Lord Tavis of Curgh may be the only person in all the Forelands who can oppose the Weaver. But Grinsa must guard Tavis's life as the young lord pursues the assassin responsible for the murder of his betrothed. And Grinsa must also confront the woman who betrayed him for the conspiracy, and who now has given birth to his child.

Shadowed in secrecy, the Weaver marshalls his forces, growing stronger by the day. Still bearing scars from the wounds he suffered as a prisoner in the dungeons of Kentigern, Tavis stubbornly clings to his quest for vengeance. And through it all, Grinsa, aided by a small band of loyal ministers and Eandi nobles, struggles to combat the conspiracy. To succeed he and his allies must overcome ancient feuds and simmering conflicts skillfully exploited by the enemy. For failure will mean the destruction of all that they hold dear.

Bonds of Vengeance is the third volume of Winds of the Forelands, the sequel to the critically acclaimed opening volumes, Rules of Ascension and Seeds of Betrayal.

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Praise for Bonds of Vengeance, book III of Winds of the Forelands

"Coe writes a wonderfully complex and engrossing tale, but what truly made this book for me was the richness and depth of the beautifully crafted characters. A good plot makes for a great read, but interweave that plot with rich, complex characters and you have a splendid book - and this is a splendid book. There is absolutely nothing superficial about Coe's writing - it is strong, complex, and emotionally very, very powerful." -- Sara Douglass, author of The Wayfarer Redemption saga.

"David Coe writes fantasy that is intelligent, gripping, and real. Action and intrigue pull you into the story, and his sharply drawn characters keep you there. I'll be glad to read whatever he writes next." -- Kate Elliott

"Coe's saga is densely plotted and slowly paced, but that is appropriate for a narrative arc depending on rumor, innuendo, gradual erosion of trust, and slow communication. The characters are very well wrought, and the burgeoning aura of suspicion is only too convincingly realized. Admirers of Rules of Ascension (2002) and Seeds of Betrayal (2003) will be gratified by their new series mate." -- Booklist

"The notion of a charismatic leader who directs his followers by 'turning' them to his will via dream telepathy gives this series an evocative edge." -- Publisher's Weekly