David B. Coe

Author of Fantasy Novels and the Occasional Short Story

The LonTobyn Chronicle

In the idyllic land of Tobyn-Ser, a realm of lofty mountains, rolling plains, and deep, verdant forests, the comforts of a pastoral life are giving way suddenly to fear and uncertainty. For a thousand years, the Children of Amarid, mages and masters whose power flows from psychic connections to birds of prey, have guarded the land. Now, however, it seems that the mages have abandoned their oaths to serve Tobyn-Ser, bringing chaos to the land and shaking the peoples' faith in the mages and their Order. Are there renegades in the Order? Has the spirit of Theron, a dark mage who cast a curse on the Order in its earliest days, returned to haunt the land? Or does Tobyn-Ser face an even great threat from its sister land of Lon-Ser, a realm of vast, violent cities and technological wonders beyond imagination.

Children of Amarid, Volume I of David B. Coe's award-winning LonTobyn Chronicle, first appeared in print in 1997. Since that time the books of the LonTobyn trilogy have received acclaim from critics and readers alike.

In 1999, the series was awarded the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA) as the best new work in fantasy. Volumes of the LonTobyn Chronicle have been translated into Dutch, German, Czechoslovakian, and Russian.