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Doris Egan is a novelist, short story author, essayist, and writer of television and feature scripts. She can do all this because she has no personal life to speak of. For more information on the books, stories, and scripts, click on the "Credits" option from the Table of Contents below. For tidbits and anecdotes about how Doris stumbles through life, see "They Told Me You Were Detail-Oriented."


I've gotten plenty of mail asking where to find the complete set of Ivory novels, and finally I have a good answer. DAW Books will be reissuing all three in an omnibus volume called, appropriately enough, The Complete Ivory. Publication is scheduled for September 2001. Woo-hoo!

Table of Contents

bullet Apology About Mail
My bad. Click to watch Doris grovel.

bullet Appearances and Latest News
Signings, conventions, panels.

bullet Credits -- Books, Stories, Scripts: or, Why We're Here Today
(together with reviews, cover art, synopses, and excerpts)

bullet They Told Me You Were Detail-Oriented: My Life and Strange Times
How I got to LA, what I'm doing these days, my trip to France, and anything else, as the mood strikes.

bullet Favorite Moments: or, I Get No Kick From Champagne
Those moments in literature and drama that tickle my personal fancy. Feel free to join me in this game.

bullet Links To Adventure
Meet my friends. They're strange, but you may like them.

bullet Online Discussion
After June 15, I'll be joining the CNN MESSAGE BOARDS as a guest author. Click here to
participate in CNN's Guest Author discussions
I also have a newsgroup at SFF-NET.


Miss Emerson's At Home

My footman has instructions to take your card. If anyone actually answers this, and I'm not inundated with work, I'll put some letters here and answer them publicly.

bullet At Home: Visit the Letter Column

bullet Pay a Call on Miss Emerson

fantasy world

The Chocolate Box


Tastes of Fiction Yet To Come

bullet City of Opal, Chapter One
The first chapter of The Book That Never Ends.

bullet Price and the Countess
The hero of "The New Tiresias" and "We Met Upon the Road" spends an evening out.

(For tastes of fiction already published, go to the Credits page.)

Digressions and Diversions (The Essay Corner)


Writing-Related Diversions

bullet Why I Like Heroes With Unsolvable Problems
The ignition point of a character.


Life-Related Digressions

bullet A Taste For Ingres
Women, Age, Sensuality, and the Meaning of Life.

(This Web page is a work-in-progress. Things will be added as I write them. In other words, y'all come back again sometime, and make yourselves at home.)

This page was loaded to SFF-Net on September 7, 1998. Since then, 72490 people managed to find their way here. What this means for civilization is anybody's guess.


The Guestbook

Yes, I have a guestbook now. Don't tell me I'm not cutting-edge. The courageous among you may wish to sign the Guestbook . Curious thrill-seekers, on the other hand, may prefer to view the Guestbook. Or, like me, you may want to go both ways. Note: The Guestbook is down right now, and it's probably going to be a while before I locate another guestbook service and get the code up on my page. Right now, about the only thing you can do is read the previous guestbook, below, since that one requires no linking code. Anyway, none of this is going to be fixed till the television season is over in May.

And then there's the Previous Guestbook I brought with me when I fled GeoCities.

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