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Note: I don't guarantee that plans won't change or acts of God may not occur. But I will try to modify this page should any last-minute cancellations happen, so it wouldn't hurt to check in here before expecting to see me anywhere.

April 2003: I haven't updated this website in two years. No, there hasn't been a lot of prose writing, though there has been a great deal of scriptwriting. Don't expect to see me at the LA Book Fair, and lately I only make conventions if they're in southern California, and sometimes not even then.

Let's see… I wrote six scripts for The Agency this past year, in whole or in part, a pilot for CBS, and two scripts for Smallville the season before. And if there's a god in heaven, I will actually go on vacation this hiatus, the better to work on my screenplay and outline The Novel That Is Taking Forever.

For more general news, here's what I'm doing now.

(Assuming I update the link above.)



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