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Some of my SF pals:

bullet meerkat
She's Executive Editor at Roc Books (the SF imprint of Penguin USA), a professional writer, Con Mommy of the notorious Phile Cabinet, noted X-phile, and author of some highly recommended fan fiction. We give you meerkat, troublemaker extraordinaire...

bullet Debra Doyle and Jim Macdonald
Authors of the Mageworlds books, among others. Two sharp minds -- follow this link for Jim's famous media reviews or life in the North Country. Debra does a mean analysis of Anglo-Saxon and medieval literature, and she's not that bad with the contemporary stuff, either.

bullet Katherine Lawrence
Writer of both animation and live-action television, author of short stories, woman of cool jewelry. Follow this link for more of life in Hollywood.

bullet eluki bes shahar/Rosemary Edghill
Eluki Knows Books. Author of the Hellflower novels (sf with a kick), as Rosemary Edghill she's also written Regency romances, mysteries (the Bast series, about a contemporary witch), and fantasy (the Twelve Treasures series -- elves with an attitude). She also knows more about the Napoleonic era than any human has a right to know. Follow this link to a woman in an unarguable position to tell you about what Edward Gorey's Mr. Earbrass calls "the exquisite horror of the literary life."

bullet Keith DeCandido and Marina Frants
Keith (aka "Bongo Boy") is an editor at Byron Preiss Visual Publications, a drummer to be feared, a member of the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players, a writer of various short stories, and he can make a pretty mean spaghetti sauce, too. Marina, his lovely-and-more-talented wife, is a writer, photographer, programmer, scuba diver, and native speaker of Russian. Between them I think they've got all the bases covered. Follow this link to madness (and be sure not to miss "Dead Kitchen Radio").

bullet Christy Marx
A woman with her own domain name is a woman to be reckoned with. At the other end of this link you will find a writer, photographer, web designer, and the caretaker of the notorious Moggy Horde. The artwork of the late Peter Ledger is also on display and may be ordered.


General Good Stuff

bullet My Graphics Page
Check out my graphics page for links to some excellent free graphics sites, with descriptions and samples. ("Design Your Own Web Page! Amaze and Delight Your Friends!")

bullet Ancient Sites
Take a walking tour of Ancient Rome, among other things. I haven't had much time to play with this yet, but it looks worth exploring.

bullet Shakespearean Insults
Thou weedy, fen-sucked fustilarian... thou craven, tardy-gaited hedgepig... yeah, you, you and that puny, hasty-witted death token over there. You talkin' to me? For bootless apple-johns everywhere.

bullet SFWA
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. If you're interested in professional SF writing, they're the organization to get with.

bullet Bibliofinders
Find used books on-line. Like my first novel, which shouldn't be out of print, and I think you should write to my publishers and tell them so.

bullet Amazon
The world's biggest online bookstore. They have it all, and if they don't, they'll try to find it. Hardcovers are running at a 30 percent discount. No, I don't work for them -- saving money just gets my attention.

bullet James Maier
A talented artist who's created a site with plenty of delightful pictures (including the fish of many colors just above). Most of the pictures are SF or fantasy-oriented, some are simply dreamlike, all are intriguing.

bullet Michael Whelan
Michael Whelan has a site! I'm getting a print of "The Red Step" framed even as I write this. I only wish it were available in a larger format; I remember seeing the original and being overwhelmed by it.

Bloomsbury chicks

Fan Fiction Links

Where I have spent many a merry hour. This, Godiva chocolate, Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKennitt, a nice leather jacket, Georgette Heyer, and the paintings of Georges de la Tour. All good reasons for living, and I could add others, but I suppose a link page isn't the place.

bullet Fanfic Critic
She strikes terror into the hearts of bad fanfic writers everywhere.

bullet The MulderTorture Site
When awful things happen to good FBI agents. Measure character angst against the MulderTorture scale, and see what one to ten really means.

bullet The SUe
Maven of X-Files online, keeper of the FAQ, founding member of The Jersey Conspiracy, and the woman who lives in the apartment under mine.

More links will be added in the fullness of time.


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Wednesday, August 26, 1997