Murder by Magic

Rosemary Edghill

At the crossroads of magic and murder, prepare to be spellbound...

"Witch Sight" by Roberta Gellis: Innocence is not always what it seems in this tale of a young witch charged with the murder of her best friend.

"Dopplegangster" by Laura Resnick: Somebody is whacking mobsters all over town, from Skinny Vinnie Vitelli to Johnny Gambone. But if Vinny and Johnny are six feet under, who are these wiseguys who look and talk just like them?

"Dropping Hints" by Lawrence Watt-Evans: The wizard's murderer was one of five identical homunculi. One of them was lying ... but how to tell which?

"Au Purr" by Esther Friesner: From a Nebula-award winning maestro noted for her love of wicked puns comes a catty tale that is sure to give "paws."

"A Tremble in the Air" by James D. Macdonald: Family secrets aren't the only things buried in this drawing-room mystery featuring Orville Nesbit, psychic researcher.

[Murder by Magic]


Rosemary Edghill

Part One: Murder Most Modern

Piece of Mind
Jennifer Roberson
Special Surprise Appearance By...
Carole Nelson Douglas
Laura Resnick
Mixed Marriages Can Be Murder
Will Graham
The Case of the Headless Corpse
Josepha Sherman

Part Two: Murder Unclassifiable

A Death in the Working
Debra Doyle
Cold Case
Diane Duane
Snake in the Grass
Susan R. Matthews
Double Jeopardy
M. J. Hamilton
Witch Sight
Roberta Gellis
Laura Anne Gilman

Part Three: Murder Most Genteel

Captured in Silver
Teresa Edgerton
A Night at the Opera
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
A Tremble in the Air
James D. Macdonald
Murder Entailed
Susan Krinard

Part Four: Murder Fantastical

Dropping Hints
Lawrence Watt-Evans
Au Purr
Esther Friesner
Getting the Chair
Keith R. A. DeCandido

Part Five: Murder Most Historical

The Necromancer's Apprentice
Lilian Stewart Carl
Grey Eminence
Mercedes Lackey

Rosemary Edghill


" Inspired contributions include Teresa Edgerton's 'Captured in Silver,' a nice ghostly locked-room murder tale, and Lillian Stewart Carl's "The Necromancer's Apprentice," which presents an interesting solution to the actual mystery surronding the death of Amy Robsart, wife of Elizbeth I's favorite lord, balancing wizardry with astute deductions about the political motives of those who stood to benefit. The standout, James D. Macdonald's 'A Tremble in the Air,' introduces a psychic detective, Orville Nesbit, who's clearly heir to the tradition of such sleuths as Algernon Blackwood's John Silence and who deserves to live on in further tales."
-- Publishers Weekly

"In 'Peace of Mind,' Jennifer Robinson introduces a detective who can communicate with even the most unusual witnesses, while in Mercedes Lackey's 'Grey Eminence,' two young girls in Victorian England are pursued by a supernatural killer. Mingling fantasy with mystery, this collection of 20 tales by such diverse authors as Carole Nelson Douglas, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Esther Friesner should attract a wide readership among aficionados of these genres.
-- Library Journal

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Murder by Magic
ISBN: 0-446-67962-3
edited by Rosemary Edghill
Warner Books
October, 2004

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